The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2742

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2742-James had already assessed the strength of these troublemaking Foreigners before coming to Mount Bane.

Henry and others were at the Sage Rank’s Fifteenth Stage, but they made their breakthroughs on Galileo where there were no seals on their body.

As a result, their cultivation bases were fundamentally very unstable.

They would only be around the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage if they were to condense their cultivation base.

That meant their strength would only be at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage had they actually reached the peak of each stage before breaking into the next.

James had just become a Sage recently, and his strength was not comparable to that of a Tenth Rank Sage.

Even if he used the Sacrilegious Ascension and activated the dragon bone’s power, his strength would still be lacking.

However, his swordsmanship skills were far superior to his cultivation rank.

Before he became a Sage, he killed a monster that was above the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage on Galileo with just the First and Second Stages of the Ancestral Sword Master’s swordsmanship.

James analyzed his own strength.

He would be disadvantaged in a one-on-one battle against a Sage.

However, he could kill his opponent instantly by finding an opportunity to use his unparalleled swordsmanship.

Besides, he still had another trump card—the Nine Heavens God – Annihilating Formation.

Most of the soldiers within the Celestial Abode had already become Sages, and some even reached very high stages within the Sage Rank.

James had 400,000 soldiers who could perform the Nine Heavens Gold-Annihilating Formation, the Infinity Stele, and countless other treasures at his disposal.

If he used them, he would command tremendous strength and would even be able to fight against a powerhouse at the Sage Rank’s Twentieth Stage.

Quintina said sternly, “I know you’re powerful and your skills outclass ours, James.

However, our opponents this time around are dangerous, and there’s no need to take action now.

You should just continue cultivating at ease.”

Harold also chipped in.

“I agree.They only chased us out of Bane City.It’s not that serious of a matter.”

Both of them convinced James not to act recklessly and antagonize the Foreign races while humans were in dire straits.

If these Foreigners were enraged and started a massacre, it would be the end of humankind on Earth.

James parted his lips and said, “I know when not to cross the line.I’m still uncertain of these Foreigners’ strengths and am just going to do a little bit of investigating.I’ll only devise a plan after I better understand their strength.

Quintina cautioned him.

“Then please be careful.”

“Mhm, I’ll be careful.” James nodded.

He stood up and walked toward Mount Bane.

James did not dispel the curse in Quintina and Harold’s bodies.

At his current strength, the Curse Magic within his body had almost reached its maximum capacity, and he did not dare to carelessly absorb the curses from others for fear there would be severe consequences if he absorbed too much.

Moreover, the 400,000 soldiers in his Celestial Abode were still inflicted with the curse.

James planned to wait until he reached a higher cultivation rank before helping them with their curses.

Considering their strength now, they could withstand the curses for the time being.

James stepped forward and advanced toward Mount Bane.

Soon, he entered Mount Bane’s vicinity.

Many fully-armed soldiers with weapons could be seen on the mountain road ahead of him.

As soon as James got close, he found himself blocked off by them.

“Humans are forbidden to proceed past this point.”

James looked at the creatures that had human forms.

He was unsure what race they hailed from.

He frowned and asked, “What did you just say? Humans are forbidden to proceed past this point? Who made this rule? We’re on Earth.This is human territory, so why aren’t they allowed to enter?”

A soldier looked at James and said scornfully, “It’s a unanimous agreement between all the races.Humans are now the weakest race in the universe.Mount Bane is the humans’ Sealed Realm.How can such lowly creatures enter such a wondrous place?”


James burst out laughing.

“It’s a unanimous agreement between all the races? “Didn’t you just say this is the Human Realm? Humans have the final say in the Human Realm.Who are you Foreigners to interfere and order us around in our own territory? Get the hell out of here, or you’ll be sorry you didn’t.”


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