The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2743

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2743-James’ blood was boiling.He never expected the Foreigners to be brazen enough to occupy Mount Bane.If he did not stop them, they would go on to take over the entire Earth.

Mount Bane currently was the place that was most abundant in Spiritual Energy on Earth.

Humans were cursed, so they needed to absorb Spiritual Energy to keep it at bay.

James was determined to take back Mount Bane from these Foreigners.

He glared at the soldiers blocking his path.

The soldiers were relatively strong Sages.

On Earth, they commanded a great amount of power.

Even if they were compared to the Outsiders from the Three Thousand Worlds, these soldiers were also far above them.

“You’ll make us regret it, huh?”

One of the soldiers gave James a once-over.

Although he could not verify James’ strength, he knew that James was a mere human from Earth.

As long as the opponent was an Earth human, he had no hesitation in starting a fight with them.

The soldier said disdainfully, “what are you going to do?”

“I’ll rip you to shreds.”

Before James could answer the soldier, a hard voice resounded from a distance.

Hearing the voice, James turned to look for the source.

Two women flew toward him from afar.

One wore a black dress, and the other was dressed in white.

Both of them were as beautiful as flowers and exuded ethereal auras.


James was stunned after recognizing one of the women.

Thea descended from the sky.She beamed at James who was in the process of confronting the Foreign soldiers.


Thea walked over to James and leaped into his arms, giving him a tight embrace.

“It’s really you, Thea.You’re already back from the Demon Realm?”

James was overjoyed.

All these years, his greatest concern was for Thea’s safety.

Now that she had safely returned to Earth, his worries were finally put to rest.


The other woman called out to James.

Only then did James notice the other woman that came with Thea.He turned to her and froze awkwardly after identifying her.

Brielle griped at him.

“Do you know how hard I’ve been looking for you all these years?”

” James scratched his head.He wanted to speak but could not bring himself to say anything.

‘How am I supposed to tell her I only married her just to steal her family’s bodhi tree? ‘If word got out about it, the Labhrann Clan will definitely send powerhouses to hunt me down.’ Thea looked at him resentfully and chided him.

“You’re very sneaky, aren’t you, James? You took advantage of my absence and got entangled with another woman in the Demon Realm.That’s not even the worst of it.You married her after everything!”

“I’ll explain everything to you later, Thea,” James whispered to Thea.

He immediately recalled something and asked, “By the way, why are the two of you together?”

Thea said, “When I went to the Demon Realm, I learned about your wedding ceremony.I headed to the Labhrann Clan, but heard that you left on your wedding night.Brielle followed me around to find you.Since I wasn’t familiar with the Demon Realm, I let her come with me.”

“The Hadean Clan opened a passage to Earth, and we came back together.”

Thea gave James a quick summary.


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