The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2745

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2745-“You shouldn’t let down your guard, Yorick.I’ve heard about a prodigy on Earth who obtained many excellent treasures.Even Lucifer of the Hadean Clan from the Demon Realm was defeated by this human.”

One of the powerhouses in the hall reminded the man.


The Athuran prodigy, Yorick, laughed out loud.

“I acknowledge that Lucifer is a prodigy favored by the Heavenly Path.However, how could you compare the likes of him to me?”

Yorick was confident and arrogant.

“I know that you’re referring to James Caden.I’ve heard of him while in the Athura Realm.If he dares show himself, I’ll crush him in minutes.Anyway, the people who came to challenge us were from Wrymstead.I’ve already detained them and am waiting for James to arrive.”

Yorick detained Henry and the others because they were James’ subordinates, and were also from Wrymstead.He wanted to use them to threaten James into showing himself.He planned to get rid of James and seize the fortunes he possessed.

It was an order given to him by the Athurans before he came to Earth.

The clan gave him some lethal weapons in order to kill James and take away his treasures.

The Athurans were not the only ones who had given out orders to their prodigies.

In fact, most of the champions present had received orders from their clans.

They came to Earth for two purposes.

The first was to compete for the Third Calamity’s providence.

The second was to kill James and take his treasures for themselves.

However, no one acted rashly.

Since the Authurans wanted to be the ones to instigate James, the others could watch silently from the sidelines.

Meanwhile, James, Thea, and Brielle had already reached Bane City’s gate.

As soon as they arrived at the gate, many guards rushed out.

Tens of thousands of guards appeared and blocked their path.

All of them were Athuran soldiers and were sent by the clan to assist Yorick.

James remained calm as he came face to face with the soldiers that surrounded them.

Thea also regarded the soldiers with indifference.

With her current strength, these soldiers who had just entered the Sage Rank were no match for her.

She looked at James with a bright smile and said, “Honey, shall J or would you like to do it?”

James chuckled lightly and said, “We’re here to negotiate with them, not to kill them.We’ll try talking first and will stay our hand unless negotiations fail.”

James’ was visiting this time to request a peaceful co-existence between humans and foreigners, just like before.

If the negotiations failed, the only option left was to demoralize the enemy through brute force.

At that moment, two figures slowly approached Mount Bane’s periphery.

They were two men.

One wore a baggy robe and was slightly chubby.

Meanwhile, the other wore a white robe and had a very slim figure.

It was Henrik and Qusai.

The two walked toward Mount Bane.

Qusai asked, “James should have returned to Earth by now, right?”

Henrik nodded and said, “It should be about time.James is the one who’s most worried for the humans on Earth.Now that Earth’s Third Calamity has occurred, he would surely rush back as soon as possible even if he were dealing with something important.”

“I wonder where James went and what he experienced after escaping the Demon Realm.I’m curious about how much he has grown over the years.”

Qusai was looking forward to seeing James again.He was also a creature with exceptional prestige.

However, unlike the other clans, his clan ordered him to befriend James.

Henrik said, “This should be Mount Bane, right? It’s Earth’s center point.If James returned to Earth, then he must’ve come here.We’ll find out if he’s back by looking around here.”


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