The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2746

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2746-More than 10,000 foreign soldiers assembled outside Bane City’s gate.

These soldiers were menacing and powerful auras emanating from them.

This was evidently a result of years of fighting intense battles.

Clop! Clop! Clop! A soldier on a horse rode up to them.

The horse’s hooves thundered as it galloped over.

Seeing this scene, James smiled playfully and said, “What a grand welcome.”

Thea smiled silently beside him.

The mounted soldier approached and stood ahead of the army.He looked at James’ entourage and said coldly, “Who are you? State your names.”

His stern voice reverberated through the air.

James smiled faintly and took a few steps forward, answering the soldier, “I’m James Caden.Who’s currently running Bane City? Hurry up and report my visit to them immediately.”

James’ goal was not to start conflict but to negotiate.He would only retaliate if the negotiation failed.


Hearing his name, the mounted soldier was taken aback.He was an Athuran and had heard of James before.He knew James was a human prodigy from Earth who had obtained several remarkable treasures.

Moreover, the Athurans’ young master has been waiting on James’ arrival.

“Wait here.I’ll report your visit immediately.”

The soldier rode his horse back to the city.

James, Thea, and Brielle were not in a hurry and waited patiently outside the city.

Many prodigies were gathered in a luxurious mansion in the city as they waited for the Authurans soldiers to kill the human intruders that were trying to get into Bane City.

At that moment, an armed soldier strode into the hall and kneeled on the ground.

Yorick asked with a smile, “How did it go? Has the issue been resolved?”

The soldier kneeling on the ground replied, “Young Master, the intruders’ leader is James Caden.He asked to see you in person.”

“Oh, James?”

Yorick’ expression lit up.

The other creatures present were also thrilled by the report.

They had never met James before but had heard of him and knew that he obtained the Earth’s first and second providence.

All of them had come to Earth with respective tasks, the most important one being to kill James and acquire his fortunes.

Beforehand, they all received warnings that James was a very unusual human.

Despite having a seal in his body, James still wielded terrifying strength and it was necessary to view him as a serious threat.

None of them had witnessed James’ strength before.

Since Yorick wanted to step up and display his strength, the rest wanted to let him test James’ strength first.

All the creatures present were slightly excited, but no one spoke.

Only Marcello showed a hint of worry.

She murmured, “It’s really him.What are you doing here at a time like this, James? You should’ve just kept your head down.”

Jace motioned for her to keep quiet and whispered back, “Don’t worry.Let’s wait and see what happens.”


Yorick laughed loudly from the highest seat.


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