The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2747

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2747-“I heard James strongest among all of Earth’s humans.I’d like to see if he lives up to his title.”

After speaking, Yorick got up and walked out of the hall.

Many of the creatures in the hall also followed suit.

James waited at the city gate for about ten minutes until a group of people finally showed up.

There were more than 500 people, all of which gave off imposing auras and were prodigies of different races from throughout the universe.

The person in the lead was Yorick of the Authurans.

After the group of creatures appeared, the surrounding guards immediately withdrew.

James looked at the group and noticed Marcello and Jace among them.

However, he did not greet them.

After scanning the group, James looked at Yorick in the lead and smiled.

“Who are you? Are you the one that chased humans out of Bane City and Mount Bane? Are you the one who’s in charge of Bane City?”

Yorick looked at James.

“That’s right.I’m the one that drove the weak humans out of Bane City.I wouldn’t exactly say I’m the person in charge of Bane City.Everyone here is prodigies from all over the universe.We decide on Bane City’s affairs together,” said Yorick.

Meanwhile, two people appeared in the distance outside of the city.

They turned out to be Henrik and Qusai.

“It’s James!”

Qusai exclaimed excitedly.

Henrik also saw James.

He gave James a small wave and said, “It seems something is happening over there right now.Let’s lay low for now and observe the situation.”

After they arrived outside of Bane City, the two concealed themselves.

They did not immediately show up but chose to see how things played out first.

Standing outside the city gate, James looked at Yorick The smile on his face gradually disappeared, and his face darkened.

He said coldly, “You’re on Earth right now.This is the humans’ territory, and you guys are just Foreigners.Mount Bane is the Human Realm’s core region.Who gave you the right to chase humans out of here?”

James questioned him tersely.

Yorick burst out laughing.

“Haha! Good question.”

“Why did we chase them out? Well, this place might belong to humans but the law of survival of the fittest still applies here.The weak are destined to be oppressed.Humans are no longer the greatest race in the universe, but are now insignificant.”

“You all aren’t worthy of coexisting with the other races.

“Humans are only worthy of being our slaves.”

Yorick words pierced James’ heart like sharp knives.

James understood the Heavenly Path had abandoned the human race.

As a result, humans were now looked down upon by all the other races.

“Survival of the fittest?”

A strong murderous intent rose in James’ heart.

Sensing the hostility from James, Yorick smiled faintly and asked, “What’s wrong? Do you want to fight?”

James suppressed the anger in his heart and said calmly, “I came here to have an earnest conversation with you, but you leave me no choice but to fight if we can’t reach an agreement.”

Yorick laughed again, “Haha! You’re very courageous, James.How about this? If you can defeat me, you can have the final say in Mount Bane.However, if you lose…”

“What happens if I lose?” James asked calmly.

Yorick looked around whilst thinking of a penalty for the loss.

Eventually, he said, “If you lose, then you’ll have to submit to me and do whatever I tell you to do.All that you have right now will also belong to me.What do you think? Do you dare to accept the challenge?”

Thea beside James whispered, “Honey, don’t do it.I can’t sense his real cultivation rank.There’s much we don’t know about him.It’s best to tread carefully and not fall into his trap.”

James pondered for a moment.

Yorick, standing nearby, sneered and said, “I thought you were strong since you had the guts to come up to Bane City.It seems you’re just all talk.You’re not worthy of being called the strongest person on Earth.”

James assessed his strength.

After mulling over his decision, he nodded and said, “Alright, I accept your challenge.”


Overjoyed, Yorick said, “Don’t say you didn’t have enough time to prepare yourself, James.I’ll give you a period of one month.After that, we’ll have our battle in Mount Bane.”

After speaking, Yorick turned around and left.


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