The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2748

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2748-James agreed to Yorick’s challenge before all the universe’s prodigies.

If he won, he would have the final say in Mount Bane.

Conversely, if he lost, James would be at Yorick’s mercy.He would have to comply with any order Yorick gave, even if that order was for him to die.

“The difference in strength between those two is immense.”

“Yeah.Although James is the greatest prodigy on Earth, there is still a seal in the human body.Moreover, his growth is restricted because the Spiritual Energy on Earth is scarce.”

“The outcome’s been settled even before they begin the battle.”

No one was optimistic about James’ chances.

Most of the universe’s prodigies were expecting him to die.

“What are you thinking, Honey? How could you accept his challenge? What if you lose for real?”

Thea’s face was full of worry.

“We won’t know how this ends until it’s over.”

James was not discouraged.

Although he had no clue about Yorick’s strength, that did not necessarily mean he would lose.

The creatures at the city gate gradually left and returned to Bane City.

Although all of them were eyeing James’ treasures, they had been repeatedly warned by their clans that James was an unusual human.

Thus, they were advised to act prudently.

Since Yorick wanted to take it upon himself and fight, they wanted to wait to see what happened.

Marcello and Jace walked over to James.

Marcello looked at James and immediately reprimanded him, “Do you know what you’ re doing, James? Do you know who you’re challenging?”

“I know what I’m doing, but I’m admittedly clueless about his identity,” James replied.

Marcello said, “He’s the prodigy of the Athurans.Have you heard of them? They’re the most terrifying race in the Athura Realm.The Athura Realm belongs to one of the Seven Realms.His father is Lamont Andalus, a Grand Emperor.Marcello took a deep breath and said, “It’s not that I’m underestimating you, but the difference in strength between the two of you is vast.”

James could not help but ask, “What’s his cultivation rank?”

Marcello shook her head and said, “I don’t know.You’d better go and prepare well for the battle.I’ll try to help you dig around for information in the meantime.”

After speaking, Marcello turned around and left.

James glanced toward Bane City and said, “Let’s head back first and return in a month’s time.”

After speaking, he turned to leave.

Thea and Brielle followed behind him.

After walking for a while, they encountered two men.

At the sight of these men, James was stunned for a moment.He then walked over to them.


Henrik and Qusai called out to him in unison.

James looked at them and chuckled.

Then, he said, “It’s the two of you! I’ve been worried about you both the whole time.

Where did you two get teleported to after we escaped the Demon Realm through the spatial passage?”


On the side, Brielle questioned, “Why did you have to escape? Did you…”

Her eyes widened.

“D-Did you really steal my clan’s bodhi tree?”

The Labhrann Clan’s bodhi tree was stolen in the past, but the culprit had yet to be apprehended.

Brielle had suspected James, but she had no proof.

That aside, she did not believe that James was able to steal it.

However, she pressed him after overhearing their conversation.

Henrik said calmly, “What’re you talking about? I’m the Lord of the Demon Realm.I can have whatever treasures I desire.Why would I steal your clan’s bodhi tree?”

Qusai nodded and said, “That’s true.You shouldn’t slander people.”


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