The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2752

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2752-After waiting outside Mount Bane for a while, eventually Qusai returned to James’ party.

James immediately approached Qusai and asked, “How did it go? Did you manage to acquire any information from Yorick?”

Qusai nodded and said, “Yes.He told me his cultivation rank but it isn’t very high.Yorick said he was at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage.”

Hearing this, James sighed in relief.

The power difference between him and Yorick was not that wide afterall.

They were only ten stages apart.

James could use his treasures to bridge the gap.


Qusai continued to speak, “Although he is only at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage.You’re incomparable to him.

From my understanding, the Athurans have a Secret Art which allows them to transform themselves.

It’s called the Athuran Combat Form and there are nine stages in the form.

Their combat strength increases tremendously every time they reach a higher stage.

“Yorick refused to tell me which stage of the form he had reached, so I don’t know either.”

James nodded and said, “I see.Alright, I know what to do next.”

James already had a plan in mind.

He would train in seclusion for some time and try to improve his strength as much as possible to close the gap between him and Yorick’s capabilities.

James looked at Thea beside him and said, “Thea, head back to Wrymstead first.I’m going to find a place to train in seclusion.Then, I’ll challenge Yorick on Mount Bane in a month.”

Thea thought awhile and said, “One month isn’t a long time.I’ll just wait for you here.I’m too lazy to make a round trip between here and Wyrmstead.”

James said, “Winnie is in Wrymstead right now.You haven’t seen her for a long time.She told me she’d like to venture out to train she saw you again.”

Thea was stunned for a moment.

Then, she immediately nodded and said, “Okay.I understand.”

Afterward, Thea did not linger for long.

She left Mount Bane with Brielle and headed toward Wrymstead.

James also bid farewell to Henrik, Qusai, and the others.

After saying goodbye, he left for Mount Tai in Sol.

He planned to consult the custodian for some advice.

Since Sophie had already left him, no one else in the Celestial Abode was able to give him pointers.

Thea traveled at a breakneck pace and had already returned to Wrymstead.

News of James’s battle against Yorick spread far and wide during this period.

The matter was posted on the Martial Arts Forum, and all the humans on Earth were engrossed with discussing it.

Winnie sat on a rock in Wyrmstead Imperial Palace’s backyard and gazed into the distance.

She knew about the happenings on Mount Bane but did not intervene because she knew James could handle them himself.

She knew that the real problem for humans had not arrived yet.

When that happens, humans would not be able to make any progress.

Therefore, she wanted to improve her strength in the shortest time possible.

However, Thea had not returned.

She was waiting for Thea to return to Earth, and had decided she would leave after meeting with her mother.

“Thea’s back, Winnie.”

Suddenly, a s*xy woman in a red dress walked toward the rock.

The dazed-out Winnie snapped back to reality.

She jumped off the rock and asked, “Aunt Quincy, did you just say my mom is back?”

Quincy replied, “Mhm.She’s in the palace hall right now.”

Winnie immediately rushed toward the palace hall.


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