The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2753

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2753-As soon as Winnie entered the main hall’s entrance, she saw a beautiful woman surrounded by many people.


Some of the Callahans were gathered around Thea.

Hearing a voice call out to her, Thea turned around and sawa young woman standing at the main hall’s entrance.

The young woman wore a white dress and looked similar to Thea.


Thea was stunned by Winnie’s appearance.

Winnie was still a little girl when she left.

Now, she was all grown up after all these years.

“Mom! n Winnie rushed over and wrapped her arms tightly around Thea.Happy tears rolled down Thea’s face.

“You’ve grown so much, Winnie.I haven’t seen you in so many years.I almost couldn’t recognize you.”

Winnie let go of Thea and said with teary eyes, “I missed you so much, Mom!”

“Don’t cry, Winnie.”

Thea reached out and wiped the tears that rolled down Winnie’s eyes.

Thea looked at the people in the hall and said, “Dad, Mom, Grandpa.I’d like to spend some time with Winnie first.”

With that said, she led Winnie out of the palace hall.

In the palace backyard, Winnie told Thea all about what she had done in the past few years.

After telling Thea everything, Winnie looked at her mother eagerly and said, “Mom, I want to go on adventures and better myself.”

“You want to go on adventures to train yourself?”

Thea’s brows furrowed.

Winnie nodded and said, “Humans are doomed.However, the ultimate calamity has yet to arrive.I have a feeling the Earth’s Fourth Calamity will be the biggest challenge for humankind.Before it comes, I want to improve my strength to help Dad protect humanity.”

Although the Third Calamity was already devastating, it still did not completely wipe out humankind.

Winnie’s intuition told her that the Fourth Calamity was going to be horrific.

She wanted to improve herself as much as possible before it came.

Thea pondered deeply about this.

After a while, she said, “You’re already an adult, Winnie, so I won’t stop you from making your own decisions.If you want to leave Earth and venture out to train yourself, I can introduce you to someone experienced.She can help send you away from Earth.”

Thea was referring to the custodian.

Among the strongest humans she knew, only the custodian had the power to send Winnie to another planet in the universe.


Winnie nodded.

Afterward, Thea and Winnie left Wyrmstead and headed to Mount Tai in Sol.

At that moment, James was already meeting with the custodian.

He also explained about his upcoming battle against Yorick.

The custodian wore a white dress and exuded elegance.

Her stunning visage was somber as she spoke to James, “The Athurans are terrifying creatures.You’ve acted too rashly this time, James.You shouldn’t have accepted his challenge.Although he evicted humans out of Bane City, he didn’t kill any of them.”

“.But the Earth belongs to humans.Yet, Foreigners are occupying our lands and lording over us.”

James gritted his teeth and said, “If we don’t teach them a lesson, their behavior will only worsen with time.”

The custodian looked at James and asked, “You came to see me because you want to train in seclusion for a while, I’m guessing?”

James nodded and said, “Exactly.I still have one month before the battle.I came to seek your guidance.Training for a month at a Time Formation should be sufficient preparation.”

The custodian said, “It’s impossible to raise your rank so quickly, especially after having entered the Sage Rank The divide between your strength and his is too wide.I can’t think of a way to quickly bridge the disparity.”


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