The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2754

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2754-The difference between their cultivation ranks meant that there was a massive disparity between their respective strengths.

James could attempt to make up for it by utilizing Secret Art, such as the Sacrilegious Ascension.

He could also use other treasures like Imperial Weapons which were weapons at the Emperor Rank, to significantly improve his strength.

However, it would be hard to compensate for the gap in their cultivation bases.

The custodian knew Yorick’s background.

He was the Athurans’ young master who possessed a Secret Art to improve his strength.

Moreover, Yorick also had an Emperor-ranked weapon.

This man was a formidable foe with his cultivation rank along with the addition of these two aspects.

It was almost impossible for James to win.

The custodian looked at James and cautioned him, “This isn’t the time for you to act rashly, James.The most urgent thing for you now is to endure this critical period and work hard on improving your cultivation.The true disaster is yet to come, so you still have time.”

“What if I use Curse Magic?”

James looked at the custodian and asked, “Will I have a chance against Yorick if I use Curse Magic?”

Hearing this, the custodian turned to James suspiciously.

James took out Sangria’s Imperial Jade Seal and said, “The words inscribed on this jade seal are the fundamentals of Curse Magic.Even if I can’t fully comprehend Curse Magic in one month, I should be able to at least grasp the basics.”

The custodian had a solemn expression as she fell into thought.

After along while, she said, “Curse Magic is an extremely malevolent art.I don’t recommend you to practice it, James.”

James said, “In my opinion, there such a thing as evil techniques in this universe, only evil people.”

James met with the Ancestral Talisman Master in the past.

The Ancestral Talisman Master had a sacred aura around him and did not seem like an evil person.

“Ms.Custodian, I don’t know much about Curse Magic and can’t even read these words on the jade seal.I came to see you to ask for your guidance in learning Curse Magic.Since I have the Demonic Lotus in my body…”

James summoned the black lotus out from his body.

The black lotus spewed black mist that contained unspeakable power.

“I can feel powerful energy coming from it.”

Stunned, the custodian asked, “What’s going on? Why does it have such strong Curse Magic? While on Galileo, James absorbed the potent Curse Magic from a Sage at the Consolidation Stage.Although it was Curse Magic, it was far different from the Heavenly Path’s curse.James could absorb the Curse Magic cultivated by living beings but could not absorb the curses inflicted by the Heavenly Path.

James looked at the custodian and asked, “What are my chances of defeating Yorick if I use the Demonic Lotus?”

The custodian closely examined James’ Demonic Lotus.

She sensed that the energy contained within the Demonic Lotus was considerable and equivalent in strength to a Twentieth Stage Sage.She roughly calculated the odds of success in her mind.

“You have a fifty-fifty chance.”

The Athurans were very powerful, and the prodigies from their clans were terrifyingly strong.

Even though James had a Demonic Lotus, it would still be difficult for him to defeat Yorick.

Moreover, James’ cultivation rank was far too low.

It was unlikely he could unleash the Demonic Lotus’ full potential.

The Demonic Lotus’ strength was underutilized in his hands.

“However, you may still try.”

The custodian said, “Let’s go.I’ll take you to the ancient battlefield to train.”

After speaking, the custodian led James toward the Chamber of Scripture’s underground ninth floor.

After reaching the tower’s depths, they passed through a passage and entered an unfamiliar place.

They arrived at the ancient battlefield.

It was a Sealed Realm, hidden within space.

The ground was full of crevices, and the sky was gray.

The custodian brought James to a mountaintop and set up a Time Formation around the mountain for James to train.

James sat in a lotus position on the mountaintop.

The custodian held James’ jade seal and inspected the mysterious words engraved on it.

Then, she closed her eyes.

The words manifested in her mind and began to shift rapidly, changing hundreds of million times.

James looked on with a serious gaze.


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