The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2755

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2755-James could not understand the words on the jade seal.

To learn Curse Magic, he had to rely on the custodian to decipher them and guide him.

After some time, the custodian sensed someone calling her from the outside world.

She returned the jade seal to James.

“Wait for a bit.I’ll be back.”

Then, the custodian disappeared from James’ sight.

James was unaware that Thea had brought Winnie to the Chamber of Scriptures to ask the custodian to send Winnie to another planet so she could train.

After spending some time waiting, the custodian returned to James.

“Ms.Custodian,” James called out to her.

The custodian glanced at him and said, “Thea brought Winnie to me and asked me to send her away from Earth.”

“I see.”James nodded.

He already knew about Winnie’s desire to venture the universe.

James sighed lightly.

It was uncertain when he would meet Winnie again after she left.

James hoped that Winnie would be safe until the next time they met.

The custodian did not say much about Winnie.

Instead, she brought up the most crucial topic.

“I’ve already gone through the Curse Magic’s foundation engraved in the jade seal.It’s indeed full of potential and myriads of possibilities.Even as strong as I am now, I’m unable to comprehend it completely.I’ve only understood some basics that will help you in battle.”

James listened attentively.

The custodian had inspected the core tenets of the Curse Magic.

She was a Grand Emperor that had cultivated for thousands of years.

Her understanding of cultivation was profound, yet she could not fully comprehend the Curse Magic.

After looking through it intently, she could only grasp the very basics.

The custodian began to explain what she understood.

James began to practice under the custodian’s guidance.

Soon, James got the hang of the essentials of Curse Magic.

Curses borrowed a special inscription to draw upon great power to attack enemies.

Offhanded remarks wishing for bad luck to befall someone, or for others to die could easily manifest in reality through the practice of Curse Magic.

James cultivated several Supernatural Powers under the custodian’s guidance.


Confinement used the curse’s power to imprison the enemy and immobilize them.

It was a useful Supernatural Combat Power and could play a key role during battles.

Another profound Supernatural Power James learned was the Passage of Time which was also used profound Curse Magic.

Using the technique, the passage of time could be accelerated, and a lifetime could pass in the blink of an eye.

The Supernatural Power could rapidly age an enemy and turn a young man into an old man in a short period, significantly reducing the enemy’s fighting capability.

Confinement was a relatively simple technique.

However, the Passage of Time was a more complex technique.

Even the custodian could scarcely grasp it.

She passed on everything she understood to James.

Afterward, James began to devote himself to cultivating.


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