The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2756

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2756-The days passed and soon an entire month had elapsed.

In the blink of an eye, one month had passed in the outside world.

The battle between James and Yorick was imminent.

Everyone was anticipating the battle.

This battle’s outcome would determine whether humans could enter Mount Bane again.

James practiced Curse Magic on the ancient battlefield inside a Time Formation.

Since James was within a Time Formation, the time he spent training inside was far longer than the time that had passed in the outside world.

While he was there, he focused on mastering Confinement and Passage of Time.

Passage of Time was a name given to the technique by the custodian.

However, based on the Supernatural Power’s characteristics, it was not an exaggeration to say that the technique was almost like reincarnation.

‘It’s almost time, James.”

James was absorbed in his meditation when a voice suddenly rang in his ears.

The voice interrupted his train of thought, and he stopped cultivating.

James murmured, “It’s already time to face Yorick, huh?”

Previously, James carved the Elemental Inversion Formation on his body.

As such, his strength would continuously improve despite him not focusing on improving his cultivation rank.

Despite that, he only reached the Sage Rank’s Second Stage even after that extended period of time.

After reaching the Sage Rank, every breakthrough required tremendous power as well as a long time.

The beautiful woman standing beside him nodded and said, “Mhm.It’s almost time for your duel.How much have you understood?”

James stood up and smiled faintly.

He replied, “A decent amount.”

“Since that’s the case, I’ll bring you back out now.”

The custodian led James out of the ancient battlefield.

Soon, they returned to the Chamber of Scriptures.

“Goodbye, Ms.Custodian.”

James bid farewell to the custodian and hurriedly left for Mount Bane.

Today was the day of his fight against Yorick on Mount Bane.

Since the recovery of Spiritual Energy on Earth, Mount Bane’s land continued to expand, and many new regions appeared.

Initially, these areas were sealed, and inaccessible by humans.

As time passed, the seals on these places gradually disappeared.

Mount Bane had become much larger than the it previously was with the addition of new regions cropping up around it.

This happened before Spiritual Energy began to recover in the land.

There was a mountain outside of Bane City which was more than 10,000 meters high.

At that moment, aman stood atop that mountain.

He wore a black robe, and his long black hair danced in the breeze.

His handsome face was calm and confident.

That spectacular form belonged to the Athurans’ young master, Yorick.

He was a top-notch prodigy in the Authra Realm.

Many prodigies from various communities throughout the universe gathered around the area.

All of them were incredibly strong, and many were on par with Yorick.

Just for today, Yorick also allowed humans he had previously forbidden from entering Mount Bane to come to watch the fight.

Yorick wanted to crush humankind’s only hope in front of them and leave them wracked with despair.

“It’s almost noon.Why hasn’t James shown up yet?”

“Is he scared?”

“Probably.Although James is Earth’s champion, it’s currently the Apocalypse Age for humans.The Heavenly Path has abandoned the human race.It’s incredibly tough for humans grow their cultivation base.Moreover, his cultivation rank is way behind Yorick.”

“The battle’s outcome is already obvious.It’s not surprising that James wouldn’t dare to show himself.”

“He’ll die if he shows up.”

It was already noon, yet James was nowhere to be seen.

Everyone concluded it was because James was too afraid to show himself.

Yorick stood on the mountaintop, and the wind tossed up his long black hair.

He looked incredibly dashing, and elicited excited squeals from a number of women there.

Many humans also gathered in the distance.

Among these, humans were the strongest cultivators on Earth, including the Prince of Orchid Mountain, and the Omniscient Deity.

A few of the Callahans were also present.


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