The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2757

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2757-Many humans from the Three Thousand Worlds were also present.

“what’s going on?”

“It’s already noon. Why isn’t James here yet? Is he too scared to fight Yorick?”

The human cultivators discussed James’ absence in hushed tones.

They were all counting on James and hoped he would defeat Yorick who was a Foreigner. James’ victory would mean they could return to Mount Bane once more.

Thea frowned slightly and murmured, “It’s already noon, James.

Why aren’t you here yet?”

Seeing that James had not shown up, Thea was tempted to take up the challenge herself.

This was a dispute between humans and Foreigners from the universe. At a time like this, humans could not stand to show any weakness.

In this conflict, humans would have to show their dominance.

“I’ll fight him in James’ stead.”

The Prince of Orchid Mountain, Langston, frowned and asked, “You? Are you sure, Thea? Let’s wait a little longer. Perhaps James is already on his way.”

“I can fight him,” Thea replied to Langston confidently.

Thea had already become a Sage before traveling to the Demon Realm. After her travels, her strength greatly improved.

Although she lacked any extraordinary weapons, she had mastered the Four-Quadrant Art and had the Four Holy Beasts’ blood in her body which allowed her to wield tremendous strength.

The Omniscient Deity advised her, “There’s no need to rush into the fight, Thea. Let’s just wait for James.”

Brielle who was standing to the side also chimed in. “They’re right,Thea. Please be patient and wait a while. I’m sure James will showup. He’s most likely already on his way here.”

Henrik said smilingly, “Don’t worry, Thea. James will surely show up for the battle. He’ll defeat Yorick and restore humankind’s hope for survival.”

Henrik trusted in James.

Hearing their advice, Thea did not rush in to fight Yorick and patiently waited for her husband.

At that moment, a person approached the mountain from a distance.

He wore a black robe and was followed by a large group of guards.


“Even Lucifer has come to watch the battle.”

Many people exclaimed in astonishment upon seeing the person approaching.

Lucifer’s reputation preceded him. Not only was he the son of a Grand Emperor from the Primordial Age, but the Heavenly Path had also bestowed him with the Elysian Inscription. He was originally born during the Primordial Age and was supposed to be unable to have the chance to obtain any of the providences in the current age.

However, his body was sealed away a long ago which halted his growth. Thus, he was relatively young and could compete for the providences now.

Lucifer’s appearance caused a commotion. He stood atop a mountain and quietly waited for the battle to start.

Time ticked away minute by minute.

Eventually, the sky grew dark as the day passed uneventfully.

Yet, James still had not shown up.

Yorick had grown impatient after waiting the entire day.

He looked around and said, “Everyone, I didn’t intend to avoid the battle, but I’ve waited the whole day yet James still hasn’t shown up. Since the battle didn’t happen due to his absence, I’m the winner by default.”

His clear voice reverberated through the air.

After his announcement, Thea was unable to stand idly by.

She jumped and flew towards the distant mountain peak.

“I’ll fight you.”

Thea’s voice boomed in the surroundings before she made her appearance.

In the next moment, she showed up 10,000 meters away from Yorick. She hovered in the sky and looked at Yorick from afar.


Yorick smiled faintly and said, “Who are you? What’s with the humans on Earth? Do you guys think just anyone can challenge me? Well, since you’ve got the guts to challenge me, I’ll have to accept. I wouldn’t want the rest to think I fear you.”


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