The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2760

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2760-Since James followed Maxine to meet Caelum, he ended up late for his battle with Yorick.

Seeing that James had not shown up, Thea took it upon herself to fight in his place.

Thea hovered in the sky and held onto the Malevolent Sword.She had a general understanding of Yorick’s strength and knew her opponent was a Sage at the Tenth Stage.

However, she was not a weak person either.

Before departing to the Demon Realm, she had already become a Sage.

The Empyrean Spiritual Energy in the Demon Realm was much stronger than on Earth.

After adventuring and training in the Demon Realm for many years, she had reached the Sage Rank’s Ninth Stage.

Additionally, she had to reach the peak of each stage to break through the Elysian Seal in her body.

Thus, she was only one stage lower than Yorick.

Her long black hair fluttered in the wind, and the Malevolent Sword glowed with black Sword Energy.

At that moment, the energy from her body grew stronger and caused the surrounding space to distort.

Initially, Yorick did not take Thea seriously.

However, he was startled after sensing the energy emanating from her.

His face lit up, and he said, “I underestimated you.I wasn’t expecting you to have such strong energy.You’re a worthy opponent.Before we fight, I have a question for you.”

Thea looked at him flintily and asked, “What’s your question?”

Yorick asked, “Who are you? I only know about James, the only person on Earth worthy of being called a powerhouse.The other humans here are just a bunch of weaklings.When did someone like you exist on Earth?”

Yorick was powerful, and he could sense Thea’s cultivation rank.

Thea was definitely worthy of being called a prodigy as she possessed such intense energy at her cultivation rank.

Thea replied slowly, “My name is Thea Callahan.I’m James’ wife.”

Yorick said smilingly, “James sure is lucky.”

After speaking, Yorick gestured for Thea to make the first move.

“Go ahead.”

Thea did not waste any time.

She raised the Malevolent Sword, and black Sword Light flowed forth, charging straight at the mountain Yorick was standing on.

Yorick remained calm.

His body flickered, and he disappeared.

Shortly after, he appeared in the sky and easily evaded Thea’s attack Boom! The black Sword Light crashed into the mountain, causing it to collapse instantly.

Under normal circumstances, Sages could cause a lot of damage to their surroundings if they were to engage in battle.

Fortunately, Mount Bane was where the Human Realm’s seal was located.

Thus, Mount Bane gradually became an extremely stable region on Earth as time passed.

As a result, powerful Sages were not capable of causing large-scale damage within Mount Bane’s territory.

Thea put all her strength in her attack but only destroyed one mountain.

However, the damage she caused was terrifying.

Cultivators that had not reached the Sage Rank could barely shake a boulder in Mount Range even if they went all out.

Yet, Thea shattered a mountain with just one Sword Light.

Her strength immediately caused an uproar in the crowd.

Many prodigies from throughout the universe watching the battle were shocked by Thea’s display of strength.

“Did she say her name was Thea Callahan?”

“She’s James’ wife, right? She seems to be crazy strong.”

“This battle is getting interesting.”

Initially, no one was optimistic about Thea’s odds.

The prodigies from all over the universe thought the battle had already been decided.However, their expressions all changed after seeing Thea’s strength.”


“Let’s see how much Thea can push back Yorick.”

“It would be exciting if she could force him to use his combat form.”

Many of the prodigies were thrilled to watch the fight.

Meanwhile, the humans were also ecstatic at seeing how strong Thea was.

In the distance, Yorick hovered in the air with his hands behind him.He maintained a calm demeanor as he said with a smile.

“You’re quite strong.It’s no wonder you dared to challenge me.”


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