The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2761

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2761-Swoosh! Thea did not respond to Yorick.

Instead, she launched another attack.

While swinging her sword, she immediately dashed in front of Yorick.

Thea struck directly at Yorick.

Yorick remained calm.

At the last second, a sword appeared in his hand.It looked like a regular iron sword.

However, powerful energy seeped out from the seemingly ordinary iron sword.

Yorick raised his sword and parried Thea’s blow.

Clank! The two swords clashed, and their potent Sword Energies collided.

At that moment, their fight intensified.

Thea felt a colossal force crash into her.

Unable to withstand the force, she was blasted away, and her Blood Energy churned.

She could not suppress her Blood Energy and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Yorick, on the other hand, floated in the sky unscathed.

As soon as the two exchanged moves, the spectators immediately saw the difference in strength between the two.

Even though Thea was powerful, she was lacking compared to Yorick.

“Is that all you’ve got?”

Yorick held his sword and said, “If you’re that weak, there’s no need to continue this match.”

Thea was blasted into the distance.

At that moment, she looked desperate.

She knew Yorick’s strength beforehand, but now she realized how truly terrifying he was after they exchanged a few blows.

Although they were one stage apart, their difference in strength was significant.

Thea was going all out, but she could sense that Yorick was not using his full strength.

Instead, he was only using a fraction of his power.

“It seems Thea is no match for Yorick.”

“If the battle continues like this, she’ll lose.”

The human cultivators became anxious.

There was only one person who remained calm, and that was Brielle.

Brielle had been traveling with Thea for many years.

She was well aware of Thea’s strength.

Thea still had not unleashed the Four- Quadrant Art nor had she activated the Four Holy Beasts’ blood which she could use to boost her strength in an instant.

Thea also knew she could not beat Yorick without using the Four- Quadrant Art.

At that moment, her blood began to churn, and the four different powers were drawn out from it.

With the emergence of the power, an illusion of the Four Holy Beasts appeared behind her.

The illusion was caused by the activation of the power within her blood.

Phantom figures of a dragon, phoenix, Spirit Turtle, and qilin appeared.

All the spectators present gasped in shock.

“W-What kind of Supernatural Power is that?”

“Her energy is skyrocketing!”

“She’s releasing extremely potent energy right now.”

Yorick hovered in the sky nearby.

Sensing Thea’s surging energy, he chuckled.

“Now, this is more like it.It would’ve been boring if I beat you effortlessly.”

After Thea activated the power of the Four Holy Beasts, her energy thrummed with power.

“How about parrying another one of my attacks, Yorick?”

Thea’s voice echoed through the sky, ringing in all the spectators’ ears.

After speaking, Thea raised the Malevolent Sword, and a Sword Light shot up into the sky.

At that moment, the image of the Four Holy Beast manifested again.


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