The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2762

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2762-Faced against the powerful Yorick, Thea had no choice but to turn to her strongest signature martial art skill.

After activating the Four Holy Beasts’ power in her body, she raised her hand, and powerful Sword Energy flowed forth.It shot up to the sky and formed an illusion of the Four Holy Beasts once more.

The illusory figures of a dragon, phoenix, qilin, and Spirit Turtle formed in the sky.

At that moment, Yorick looked on grimly.

Although Thea was one stage behind him, Thea’s current energy was very potent and overwhelmed his.

Thea’s sword also became incredibly powerful.

Yorick knew he would be defeated if he did not use one of his trump cards.

Right then, he put away his ordinary-looking sword.

A bright blue sword then materialized in his hand and gave off a blue glow.

Yorick held the blue sword, and his aura immediately changed.

“Ah! I-Is that the Athuran Sword?”

“It’s the divine sword of the Athurans.It used to be Grand Emperor Lamont’s sword.The Athuran Sword is also an Imperial Weapon.”

“Yorick’s aura grew stronger after calling forth the Imperial Weapon.The Athuran Sword has boosted his strength significantly.”

Many prodigies present were shocked to see Yorick summon the Authuran Sword.

No one expected Thea to be strong enough to force Yorick to use his Imperial Weapon.

Imperial Weapons were weapons used by Grand Emperors.

Grand Emperors stood at the top of the cultivation ranks.

Usually, the strength of an Imperial Weapon was determined by the wielder’s strength.

Thea floated in the air.

She raised the Malevolent Sword and pointed it at Yorick.

A deadly Sword Light shot out of the sword and charged at Yorick threatening to rend him in twain.

Although it was a normal Sword Light, it contained destructive power enough to split the very heavens and earth.

As her Sword Light burst forth, the sky dimmed.

Seeing the destructive Sword Light closing in him, Yorick did not dodge.

Instead, he raised his Authuran Sword and swung it in the air to parry the attack.

His blue sword clashed with the black Sword Light.

Boom! There was an explosion in the sky.

The explosion relased a powerful shock wave.

The shock wave rush toward Thea, knocking her away and causing her to spit out blood.

Yorick was also affected by the shock wave and was pushed backward.

“That’s some impressive force.”

Yorick was taken aback.

He wielded an Imperial Weapon which should have improved his strength by a few stages.His sword attack’s power should at least be as strong as a Fifteenth Stage Sage.

To add to that, the power of his attacks reflected the strength at the peak of each respective stage.

His attack’s power would be around the strength of a regular cultivator at the Twentieth Stage.

Despite this, the force still punted him back, and his Blood Energy churned.

He could not rein it in, and blood gushed out of his throat.

However, Yorick forcibly endured the pain and swallowed the blood.

‘Damn it”

Yorick hissed internally.

Ever since he walked the path of cultivation, no one had ever forced him to use the Imperial Weapon.

Now that he finally wielded it an opponent, it was against someone he could not kill.

Thea was merely knocked back and only spat out some blood.


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