The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2763

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2763-« Die! » Yorick was determined to kill Thea.

Thea displayed impressive power, and he could not allow such a powerful human to live.

Yorick held onto the Imperial Weapon and charged at Thea.

As his form flickered, tremendous power was released from his sword.

One after another, Sword Energies formed from his sword.

Countless Sword Energies shot out and crisscrossed in the air to form a net of blades.

His attack charged straight at Thea.

Before Thea could recover from the impact of the earlier shock wave, Yorick had already sent an attack her way.

Thus, she was forced into defensive maneuvers.

She swung the Malevolent Sword, constantly knocking away the Sword Energies that charged at her.

The battle intensified, and the intensity forced the spectators to retreat continuously.

Langston, the Omniscient Deity, and the others watched the battle with somber expressions.

“Thea’s cultivation rank is still relatively low.She’s only at the Sage Rank’s Ninth Stage.However, she managed to unleash such immense power.Her energy right now is equivalent to a Twentieth Stage Sage’s,” Langston said with a frown.

The Omniscient Deity nodded and explained, “Yeah.That’s because she had reached the pinnacle of each cultivation stage before breaking through to the next.Thus, her True Essence is much stronger than normal cultivators.On the other hand, we reached the Sage Rank by relying on the bodhi fruit.Moreover, there weren’t any seals on our bodies while we were in Galileo.This allowed us to improve rapidly, but as a result, our cultivation bases are unstable.Our Sage Energy is much weaker than Thea’s.”

“Do you think Thea can defeat Yorick?”

“I think her chances of winning are still very slim.Thea’s Malevolent Sword is just an ordinary sword in comparison to Yorick’s Imperial Weapon.”

Many of the human powerhouses were worried about Thea.

Meanwhile, the intense battle continued in the distant sky.

Yorick was a skilled swordsman.

Every move he made contained immense force, forcing Thea to avoid his blows.

As the battle raged on, Thea struggled to block Yorick’s attacks but was managing to get through the fight.

However, she was injured.

Yorick’s Sword Energy struck her, and a bloody wound formed on her body.

The blood in her body began to roil after she sustained the injury.

This made the power of the Four Holy Beasts stronger.

Relying on the power of the Four Holy Beasts, she deflected the Yorick’s blows with his Imperial Weapon.

Multiple Sword Energies glimmered in the sky, constantly crashing into each other.

The deflected Sword Energies exploded in the surroundings and demolished the mountains nearby.

Soon, the area was reduced to rubble.

Yorick was a powerful cultivator and moreover, he wielded an Imperial Weapon.

Even so, he was unable to take down Thea.

Thea stoutly withstood Yorick’s series of attacks relying on the Four Holy Beasts’ blood and the Four-Quadrant Art.

Boom! Their Sword Energies collided again.

Yorick was struck by the force and was knocked away.

“Damn it! Why is she so strong?”

Yorick was shocked.

Their fight had gone on for an extended period, and he had to get rid of Thea as soon as possible.

After the force blasted him away, blue light suddenly shimmered from his body.

The light surrounded his body, and his appearance changed.

His face turned blue, and his teeth formed into fangs.

At the same time, his hair instantly grew longer, and blue armor covered his body.

“I-Is that his combat form?”

“Yes, it is.

Yorick transformed into his combat form.”

“I wasn’t expecting to see Yorick use his combat form today.”

“I heard that when Athurans transform into their combat forms, they become significantly stronger.

The more times they can transform into it, the stronger they become.”

“Thea is very impressive to have forced Yorick’s hand like this.”

The Foreign prodigies were amazed.

None of them thought Thea could force Yorick to use his combat form.


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