The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2764

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2764-After Yorick entered his combat form, his strength multiplied.

Thea felt tremendous pressure coming from Yorick.

“You’re impressive, Thea.You even forced me to transform into my combat form.You are the first among those of my age who are worthy to battle me like this.You’ve made a name for yourself today.” Yorick’s voice echoed haughtily.

Then, he lunged at Thea.

His strength had improved drastically, which also strengthened his sword’s power.

Faced with Yorick’s overwhelming onslaught, Thea could no longer avoid all his blows.

After just a few moves, Thea sustained a few more injuries.

As he growled, Yorick’s Imperial Weapon pulsed with overwhelming power.He gripped the sword and charged at Thea.Then, he swung his weapon.

Thea raised the Malevolent Sword to parry the attack.

The two swords struck each other.

Clank! Thea’s sword snapped in half.

Struck by the devastating force, bloody wounds opened up all over her body.

Thea plummeted from the sky and crashed into the ruins below.

“Yorick is amazingly strong.”

“He’s extremely powerful after entering his combat form.”

“Even so, that’s just the first level of his combat form.I heard the Athuran Combat Form has nine stages.Their strength can keep increasing with each level they jump.”

“Yorick must have already mastered more than one stage.”

“Does this mean Thea lost the fight?”

Many people looked on in horror as they watched Thea’s body fall from the sky.

The spectators felt they did not come in vain as they were able to witness Yorick’s combat form.

Yorick floated in the air and held onto the Imperial Weapon.He looked like a mighty emperor as he stared down at Thea’s fragile body in the ruins.He did not bring his full strength to bear against her.

“You’ve lost, Thea.Since you were fighting on behalf of James, according to the terms me and James agreed on, you’ll have to submit to me.”

Yorick did not strike her with a lethal blow because he acknowledged that Thea was indeed a rare human prodigy.He was willing to let her live if she yielded herself to him.

The humans watching in the distance became anxious.

“Why hasn’t James come yet?”

“He’s already late by an entire day.Thea fought in his stead, yet there’s no sign of him.”

“Do you think he’s scared to fight Yorick?”

The humans from Earth and the Three Thousand Worlds murmured anxiously.

Thea struggled to get up from the ruins.She took out a healing elixir and drank it.

Then, she sat in a lotus position on the ground to treat her wounds.

She acknowledged her defeat.

“I’ll fight you.”

At that moment, a voice chimed in from the distance.

Turning toward the sound, Yorick saw another beautiful woman slowly approach him.

She wore a white dress and looked like an ethereal goddess.

It was Brielle.

Although she was not human, she was still James’ wife.

Yorick looked at Brielle and asked coldly, “…And you are?”

Brielle’s body flickered and reappeared in the air.She looked at Yorick and said, “I’m Brielle.I’m also James’ wife.


Yorick laughed.


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