The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2765

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2765-“James is too cowardly to show up himself.Instead, he has his wives fighting on his behalf.Since you’re so eager to die, who am I to stop you?”

Yorick raised the Imperial Weapon in his hand and was to strike Brielle.

“This is my fight, so why are you involving yourself?”

Everyone jumped in shock when they heard the voice.

They turned toward the sound and saw a man flying from the distance, followed by a woman behind him.

“It’s James! H-He’s finally here!”

“W-Who’s that woman with him?”

“Isn’t that Maxine?”

“How could it be her? She disappeared so many years ago.Why is she suddenly appearing now?”

Many of the humans present were shocked by the two people that suddenly turned up.

James went over to Yorick hastily.

With a few steps, he appeared before Brielle.

He glared at her and said, “Back off.”

Brielle bit back at him.

“Do you think I want to fight? It’s because you took your time coming here, so I had to…”

James ignored her and descended from the sky.

He landed on the ground and looked at Thea sitting on the ground in a lotus position and healing her wounds.

He asked worriedly, “Thea, are you alright? How are you doing?”

Thea cracked her eyes open.

Seeing James, she gently shook her head and said, “It’s nothing serious.I only sustained some minor injuries.”

At that moment, Maxine also landed beside her.

James immediately instructed, “Maxine, bring Thea somewhere safe and help treat her wounds.”

Maxine nodded.

Then, she brought the injured Thea away from the battlefield.

James flew back into the sky.He looked at Yorick who had transformed into his combat form.

His expression darkened, and he said, “I’m sorry.I’m late because I had some other business to attend to.”

Yorick replied calmly, “You’re still in time for the battle.”

James clenched his fists.

“ll make you pay for harming my wife.”


Yorick laughed and said, “Go ahead, if you have the strength to do so.”

James took a deep breath to force himself to calm down.

Then, he asked, “Some humans from Earth challenged you a while ago, but you detained them.Before we fight, let them go.”

Yorick smiled and said, “Don’t worry.If you defeat me, I’ll let all of them go and give you full control over Mount Bane.However, they’ll have to die if you lose.”

After speaking, Yorick raised the Imperial Weapon in his hand and said, “Make your move.”

James looked at the transformed Yorick.He felt a crushing pressure coming from his opponent.

The energy emanating from Yorick was several times more potent than his.

James knew he could not beat Yorick in his current state.

He did not choose to hide his strength and immediately activated the Sacriligeous Ascension.

He used the power of heaven and earth to shatter his spine and absorbed the surrounding energy to restore it.

After he performed the Sacriligeous Asncesion, his strength leaped exponentially.

Yorick did not rush in.

Instead, he watched silently.

After sensing the increase in James’ energy, he said mockingly, “Is that all, James? You’re so much weaker than your wife.”

James was only at the Sage Rank’s First Stage.

The Sacrilegious Ascension was a miraculous technique capable of reshaping his thirty-three vertebrae.

After his spine was reformed, his strength reached the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage.

However, he was still relatively weak compared to Yorick.

The Sacriligeous Ascension improved his cultivation rank by five stages.

James knew he was still incapable of defeating Yorick with just the Sacriligeous Ascension.

Next, he unleashed the dragon bone’s power in his body.

However, the dragon bone could only improve his strength toa limited extent.

The inscriptions on the dragon bone recorded the Dragon Race’s signature martial art skill.

After unleashing the dragon bone’s power, James’ strength increased by one stage making him a Sixth Stage Sage.

“Haha! You’re still too weak.”

Yorick smiled contemptuously and said, “If this is your full strength, this battle’s outcome is already obvious.Killing you will be as easy as stepping on an ant.”


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