The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2766

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2766-Yorick could sense that James had only recently entered the Sage Rank.

Although James used two power-enhancing Secret Arts, his current strength was only at the Sage Rank’s Sixth Stage.

Yorick’s combat form still far outclassed James in terms of strength.

Even, Thea was no match for him.

James knew this was going to be an intense battle.

Moreover, his current strength was still insufficient to win against Yorick After using the Sacriligeous Ascension and dragon bone, James activated the Five Elements of Genesis.

Five different Sage Energies merged and inverted to form anew energy.

This energy tremendously augmented James’ strength.

The energy emanating from James continued to grow at an impressive speed.

“James has some tricks up his sleeves.”

“Indeed.He is only at the Sage Rank’s First Stage, but was able to raise his strength significantly through his Secret Arts.”

“The energy he has now should be at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage.”

“It should be about there.”

“That means he’s on par with Yorick’s cultivation rank before he transformed into his Combat Mode.

The crowd was shocked at how James continuously used Secret Arts to improve his strength, and it caused a huge commotion.

James had only become a Sage recently and was only at the First Stage.

However, his energy now was at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage which unsettled many people.

A one-stage difference in cultivation rank meant massive difference in strength.

It was already impressive that if a person used Secret Arts to increase their strength by one stage, but James managed to increase it dramatically.

James used the Sacriligeous Ascension, the dragon bone’s power, and the Five Elements of Genesis.

After the Five different energies merged, he performed Elemental Inversion.

These three Secret Arts significantly raised his strength.

At that moment, his energy was incredibly powerful.

James could sense the mighty power contained in his body.

The energy within him was potent.

He had never used all three Secret Arts together.

Now that he used them in unison, he was somewhat unable to contain his immense strength and control his power completely.

Yorick had a shocked expression on his face as he floated nearby.

“I really underestimated you, James.I wasn’t expecting you to be able to forcibly increase your strength so dramatically.However, you’re only slightly stronger than Thea.She was already incapable of fighting back against me, so how will you fare?”

Yorick was taken aback by James’ strength, but he was still confident in his own capabilities.

He believed that victory was assured.

James stretched his body, and powerful energy erupted from his being.

The force rippled through space causing the surroundings to look distorted.

Although Mount Bane was an incredibly stable place, James’ strength was overwhelming and was able to shake the surroundings.

His energy spread over the land and caused many mountains to collapse into ruins.

The spectators watching the battle from a distance were forced to retreat again, afraid of being hurt by the force.

After James got used to the power in his body, he looked at Yorick with a smug smile.

“yorick, right? For the longest time, there was only one person that made me use my full strength in battle, and that is Lucifer.Today, I’m also going to go all out against you.”

Lucifer heard James’ words from a distance.

He touched his nose and murmured, “It seems James has been working hard all this time.He has improved a lot from the last time we fought.I wonder if he can defeat Yorick.”

Lucifer had watched the battle between Yorick and Thea.

Therefore, he had witnessed the extent of Yorick’s strength.


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