The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2767

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2767-James used many methods to augment his powers but he still had a chance to lose to Yorick.

At that moment, a figure quietly appeared in the distance.

He wore a white robe and carried a long sword.

It was Walganus who had spent some time with James on Galileo.

He hovered in the distance and gradually approached until he arrived behind the current spectators.

He looked at James and Yorick.

He murmured, “James is pretty good at concealing his true power.He’s only at the Sage Rank’s First Stage but can raise his strength to the Tenth Stage.Moreover, his strength is of one that has reached the peak of every stage before breaking through.”

Walganus used to be called Hilarius Yahir in the past and was the son of Lord of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

He was born in nobility but was sealed before the Ancient Heavenly Court Age ended.

As such, he awakened in the current age.

He was a powerhouse that was close to entering the Divine Rank.

Yorick was still in his Combat Form as he emanated imposing energy.

At that moment, he still looked somewhat human.

The only difference was that his face was blue, and he had fanged teeth.

His body was clad in blue armor, and he held a long, blue sword.

James intuited that Yorick’s strength was somewhere around the Thirteenth Stage.

Yorick’s actual cultivation rank was at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage.

That meant this single transformation increased his strength by three stages.

Additionally, he also wielded an Imperial Weapon.

With this combined, the power of his attacks would be around the Fifteenth Stage.

“Do you have any other gimmicks or Secret Arts? Go ahead and use them all.

If you don’t, you won’t be able to fight toe to toe with me as you are currently.”Yorick’s bold voice rang out clearly.James smiled lightly and said, “It seems I’ll have to resort to more drastic measures to defeat you.”

James summoned a long purple sword from the Celestial Abode using his consciousness.

Purple light shone and turned into a long purple sword.

James grabbed the long purple sword and it trembled for a bit before releasing a purple light.

“Is that an Imperial Weapon?”

“It has such a powerful energy.”

“I can sense terrifying Sword Intent from it.”

“That weapon should also be an Imperial Weapon.”

“I wasn’t expecting James to also possessed an Imperial Weapon.”

Many prodigies were shocked when they saw James’ weapon.

Imperial Weapons were exclusive weapons for Grand Emperors and bore a frightening might.

No one would have guessed that James’ weapon was not an Imperial Weapon in fact, but an Ancestral God Weapon.

Ancestral God Weapons were used by Ancestral Gods, and it was significantly stronger than Imperial Weapons.

However, Ancestral God Weapons were like fables to the prodigies present.

To them, Imperial Weapons were the most potent weapon that existed in the current age.

Thus, they did not think the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword was an Ancestral God Weapon since it was almost unfathomable.

After a brief surprise, Yorick smiled and said, “Impressive.I really did underestimate you.Do you have anything else? Even though you have an Imperial Weapon, your strength is still inferior to mine.”

James shrugged.

He used all the Secret Arts that was able to augment his strength, and he was already in his most potent state.

James said, “Make your move.”


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