The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2770

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2770-Boom! The two swords collided again.

An incredible force shook the air, blasting both James and Yorick away.

“Urkl “

When James was knocked away, he spat out another mouthful of blood.

He plummeted from the sky but caught himself before he reached the ground.

James landed steadily on a massive boulder on the ground.

The boulder immediately shattered the moment his feet came in contact with it, and countless shards of rock burst into the sky.

James reached out his hand and wiped the blood from his lips.

“He’s powerful.”

James wore a solemn expression.

Although he was currently more powerful Yorick, he sustained many injuries after only exchanging a few moves despite his physical body being at the Sage Rank’s Seventh Stage.

He would have been defeated long ago if he had not honed his physical strength.

After their confrontation, James was fully aware of Yorick’s terrifying strength.

James stood on the ground and gasped for breath.

Swoosh! The sound of a Sword Energy piercing the air came from the sky above.

James sensed the danger and quickly dodged.

Right after he escaped, a blue Sword Energy collided with the area where he previously stood.

The Sword Energy levelled the area, and a gigantic pit formed on the ground.

James had leaped into the distance just in time.

He looked opposite him.

Yorick’s blue face and long fangs along with his disheveled hair made him look frighteningly hideous.

After their previous exchange of moves, Yorick looked beaten down.

He never expected James to be so strong.

Although James had a much lower cultivation rank, he could unleash such explosive strength.

Despite already using his combat form, he still did not have the upper hand against James.

“You’re going to lose soon, James.”

Yorick grimaced and said coldly, “Among my generation, Thea is the first to force me into my combat form.However, you’re the first to force me to use my second combat form.”

When he heard this, James’ blood ran cold as he expected the worst.

He saw blue light shine from Yorick’s body.

The blue armor on his body gradually changed into a light blue color, with white light shining through the gaps.

Yorick’s energy became stronger.

At the same time, a pair of wings grew out of his back.

The wings were slightly translucent, and veins could be seen through them.

“I-Is that the Athuran Combat Form’s Second Stage?”

“I can sense the strong energy from him.”

“His energy is really overwhelming.”

After Yorick transformed into the Athuran Combat Form’s Second Stage, many of the universe’s prodigies were shocked.

His energy was imposing, and all of them could only feel pity for James.


After Yorick transformed, he let out a thunderous roar.

A powerful sound wave shook the surroundings and caused the mountains in the area to disintegrate and collapse.

The surrounding terrain was instantly turned into ruins.

Just sound wave from him was capable of such devastating destruction.

After roaring, Yorick said, “James, you forced me into my Athuran Combat Form’s Second Stage.I can wield lightning at this stage.I’m curious how you’ll stand against me in this form.”

After speaking, he flapped his wings.

The veins on his wings released blue lightning that spread across the sky.

Then, they struck down from the sky like rain.

Every lightning strike contained unspeakable power and was capable of instantly killing James.

James was well aware of the risk and knew he had to avoid getting hit.

His body was not able to withstand any of the attacks.

Faced with the devastating lightning attack, James darted around to avoid them.

James’ body swayed through the space between the lightning strikes.

Yorick’s lightning attacks were fast and close together but could not manage to strike James.

James had gained extraordinary movement skills after training in the Tribulation World for 30,000 years.

Thus, he could avoid the intense onslaught.

It was a conditioned reflex his body had developed.

“What in the world?”

“What kind of Supernatural Power is this?”

“That’s some unusual skills.”

James moved through the gaps between the lightning, and the spectators watching were shocked.

At that moment, his body flickered through the sky like an afterimage.

A multitude of afterimages appeared in the sky.


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