The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2772

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2772-Yorick was furious.

He was a prodigy and was born with a golden spoon.

Additionally, he was the descendant of a Grand Emperor and was born with Sage Energy.

He had never been injured all his life.

However, James managed to injure him.

He looked down at the bloody wound on his chest.

Yorik was boiling with anger, and a strong murderous intent permeated the air.

He gradually stood up and dashed into the air.

Yorick raised his hand, and a burst of magical energy appeared in his palm.

The force floated toward his chest and healed the bloody wound on his chest at a speed visible to the naked eye.

At the same time, the energy emanating from his body increased.

The light blue armor on his body transformed again into a white color.

More veins grew through the translucent wings on his back.

A single horn also grew out of his head, emanating great power.

“D-Did he transform again?” “His energy seems much stronger.

He must’ve transformed to the next stage.” “Tsk, tsk.

He’s now using the Athuran Combat Form’s Third Stage.

How terrifying.

I never expected James to be strong enough to force Yorick to make a third transformation.” The prodigies watched the scene in the distance, and all of them were astonished.

Yorick’s energy was incredibly potent, and his strength skyrocketed after the third transformation.

As a result, the Athuran Sword also became even more powerful and glowed brightly.

“You’re so dead, James.

No one will be able to save you today.” Yorick’s voice resounded throughout the sky.

“Huff!” James took a deep breath.

He used the Yogacara Sword Energy to stimulate the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword to unleash its power and overpower and suppress Yorick.

However, after the third transformation, Yorick’s strength increased, and he regained the upper hand.

James had already used all his trump cards that could increase his strength.

“T still couldn’t kill him after using the Yogacara Sword Energy.

He was only slightly injured.

I just enraged him into making a third transformation.” James frowned.

Yorick roared, “Take this!” After shouting, Yorick slashed his sword, and a potent Sword Energy dashed out.

James quickly dashed at Yorick with his sword.

No one could see James’ movements clearly.

They only saw him dash out with his sword, and then his shadows were scattered throughout the sky.

James’ sword clashed with Yorick’s Sword Energies, shattering every one of them.

He charged right at Yorick with his sword like an arrow.

At that moment, Yorick’s eyes were fixated on James.

James was charging straight at him, and James’ shadows were blocking all of his escape routes.

Yorick had nowhere to run.

“Confinement!” As James approached him, mysterious black words appeared.

The words diffused into the air and formed a powerful force.

“What’s this?” A bad premonition arose in Yorick’s heart.

He wanted to dodge, but it was already too late.

By the time he had reacted to the danger, the terrifying force had already reached him.

The force enveloped him and imprisoned him in the air.

Then, James thrust his sword directly at him.

Yorick did not know how to counter James’ attack.

James’ seemingly simple move contained thousands of sword techniques.

He could only raise his sword to try to parry the attack.

Clank! The clinking sound of the swords resounded through the air.

The terrifying force swept toward Yorick and struck Yorick’s sword away.

The potent force permeated his arm, causing injuries to spread toward his torso.

After a while, his arm was heavily injured.


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