The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2775

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2775-After James spoke, he raised the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword and launched another attack.

He appeared in front of Yorick instantly.

At that moment, Yorick’s blood began to boil, and compelling energy emerged from his blood.

Yorick activated the power within his blood.

He awakened the power from his Athuran Bloodline.

He immediately dispelled James’ Curse Magic and gradually regained vitality, returning into a young man.

As soon as James got close, Yorick counterattacked.

Their swords clashed again.

Bang! A loud clink resounded.

James was knocked away by the force.

“Damn it!” James cursed.

After doing all that, he was still unable to kill Yorick.

Yorick was indeed a terrifying opponent.

“Haha!!!” Yorick guffawed.

“You’re really amazing, James.

You really pushed me to my limits.

I’ve never activated the power of my bloodline in battle before.” Hearing this, many of the spectators were shocked.

“What did he say? Did Yorick just say he activated the power of his bloodline?” “James is doomed.” “No matter how strong James is, he won’t make it.

Yorick has the power of a Grand Emperor in his blood.” James had a grim expression.

Yorick grew stronger once again after activating the power within his blood.

He immediately launched another attack at James.

Sword Energies rippled through the air, making James sense a crushing force.

James immediately summoned an Infinity Stele out of his body.

The Infinity Stele quickly expanded and became 100 meters in size.

The Infinity Stele darted at Yorick with destructive force.

Since the battle had come to this point, James no longer hid any of his trump cards.

He was prepared to use everything he could to defeat Yorick.

Yorick slashed the Infinity Stele with his sword.

The Infinity Stele slammed into the Athuran Sword but was blasted away and crashed into a distant mountain.

The mountain was destroyed instantly, and a loud explosion ensued, causing dirt to billow into the sky.

Although Yorick managed to repel the Infinity Stele, he did not go unscathed, and his arm had become numb from the impact.

Yorick cursed furiously, “Damn it.” The prodigies in the distance watched intently.

“W-Was that the Infinity Stele?” “Was that the powerful treasure that’s existed since the beginning of the universe?” James summoned the Infinity Steles one after another under many shocked gazes.

Instantly, all 108 Infinity Steles surrounded James and revolved around him.

The Infinity Steles dashed out one after another.

Although Yorick was in his strongest state, he was forced to keep retreating.

He could knock away the Infinity Steles, but he was still overwhelmed by their endless attacks.

“Tsk, tsk.

What an intense battle.” “The battle is getting so thrilling!” “James is using all his treasures and trump cards.

I wonder if the Athurans’ young master, Yorick, has other means to fight.” “He should have more treasures, right? Many prodigies began to discuss.

Meanwhile, the Infinity Steles continuously bombarded Yorick on the battlefield.

Yorick was on defense and kept knocking the Infinity Steles away.

He knew that he was in a disadvantageous position and that he could not continue on like this.

He had to find a chance to kill James in a close-quarter battle.

Otherwise, he would be exhausted to death if this persisted.


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