The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2776

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2776-Yorick gradually calmed down.

He stopped countering the Infinity Steles but chose to dodge.

He planned to wait for an opportunity to get close to James and deal a fatal blow.

James saw through Yorick’s intentions.

He immediately recalled the Infinity Steles and made them revolve around him.

He stood in the center, and the Infinity Steles formed a magical formation.

Yorick attempted to find an opening but was to no avail.

He kept launching attacks at James, but the Infinity Steles blocked all his blows.

He was helpless.

The battle was at a stalemate for a while.

“Do I really have to resort to using that?” Yorick kept attempting to break through James’ defenses but could not find a chance to get close.

Although his attacks were potent, James was being protected by the Infinity Steles.

He still had another ultimate trump card but hesitated to use it since he wanted to save it to fight for the third providence.

Besides, he might not necessarily defeat James even if he used it.

Yorick leaped thousands of meters into the sky.

He raised the blue Athuran Sword, and a 100-meter-long Sword Light emerged and charged at James.

The Infinity Stele rotated and released powerful energy to block the Sword Light.

Yorick launched continuous attacks at James like a madman.

He repeatedly unleashed Sword Energies to strike the Infinity Stele.

Although James had the Infinity Steles protecting him from the attacks, the tremendous force leaked into the center.

James’ Blood Energy tumbled from the shock, and he continuously sustained injuries.

James cursed furiously, “Damn it.” He felt he had to change his tactic.

Petals suddenly detached from the Demonic Lotus and connected to form a battle suit.

The battle suit immediately attached to James’ body.

After James learned the Ten Thousand Demon Art, he could finally control the Demonic Lotus.

Dressed in the battle suit formed by the Demonic Lotus, James took the initiative to attack.

He flew out from the Infinity Steles and engaged in combat with Yorick.

Yorick was powerful but could not destroy the battlesuit made from the Demonic Lotus.

The two fought intensely.

James displayed his skilled swordsmanship and continuously inflicted wounds on Yorick.

The prodigies watched from a distance.

James and Yorick had both shown their formidable strength in this battle.

They could be considered the best out of the younger generations.

The two were talented prodigies of this age.

“Cosmic Destruction!” James seized the opportunity and immediately fused the Terra and Lunar True Essence in his body together.

The energies formed a great force and blasted toward Yorick.

Yorick slashed the energy in half.

However, he underestimated James’ Cosmic Destruction.

The energy ball he sliced exploded and destroyed his armor.

He was also harmed by the force.

However, he was not severely injured.

It was extremely challenging for James to kill Yorick.

James frowned.

“Yorick is terrifying.

He even withstood James’ Cosmic Destruction.” James took a deep breath.

“What should I do?” He started to become anxious.

After fighting for so long, Yorick was still energetic and displaying terrifying strength.

James knew he was bound to lose if they continued fighting.

Although he had countless trump cards, he was unable to beat Yorick.

Clank! While thinking of a solution, their swords clashed again.

However, James was not knocked away this time.


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