The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2778

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2778-It was the first time James tried integrating the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Stages of the Five Great Sword Realms.

He could unleash explosive strength and increase his comprehension of swordsmanship.

Yorick lost the battle.

He was injured all over, and his body was plummeting from the sky.

He crashed into the rubble on the ground and did not get back up.

James floated in the sky, waiting for Yorick to resurface.

Time passed by slowly.

Soon, half an hour passed.

Finally, a person slowly crawled out of the ruins.

By then, Yorick had already dispersed his combat form.

His hair was scattered, and he was covered in wounds, his body bloodied.

He looked utterly defeated.

Yorick sat on a boulder and gasped for air.

Immediately afterward, he took out an elixir and consumed it.

After his wounds were stabilized, he got up.

He raised his head to the sky.

James slowly descended and landed firmly on the ground in front of Yorick.

Yorick stared at James.

“T have to admit.

You’re very powerful.

I acknowledge my defeat.

Today, I’ll withdraw from Bane City and no longer interfere with the city’s affairs.

Your friends will be safe in Bane City.” Yorick spoke with difficulty.

His words meant he was conceding defeat.

Although he still had another trump card, he had exhausted his strength.

If he continued to fight, he would not stand a chance against James.

Even if he were to use his final ultimate move, he would not be able to beat James.

Therefore, he chose to give up.

James parted his lips and said, “You’re also very strong.

I’ve used all my Secret Arts and treasures.

Yet, I barely won this match.

I’m looking forward to fighting you again.” After speaking, James also dissipated Sacriligeous Ascension, the dragon bone’s power, and Elemental Inversion.

His energy weakened instantly.

After dispersing Sacriligeous Ascension, he entered a feeble state.

He lay on the ground weakly, unable to get back on his feet.

Yorick began to treat his own wounds, whereas James also recuperated.

At that moment, many humans rushed over to James.

Most of them were people acquainted with James.

Apart from them, a few other prodigies from the Three Thousand Worlds also came over.

Everyone witnessed how the weakling, James, had grown intoa powerhouse.

In the past, these Outsiders thought Earth’s humans were weaklings and descendants of sinners that did not deserve respect.

However, they were now dependent on a human from Earth.

“Are you okay, James?” Thea rushed in front of James and tried to help him up.

“It’s alright.

I need to rest for a while,” James weakly raised his hand and waved at her.

His spine was shattered, and he was using Demonic Energy to repair it, which would take some time.

Thea stood beside him.

“Maxine.” At that moment, Cynthia and Tiara walked over to Maxine.

Tiara looked at Maxine worriedly and said, “Where have you been all these years, Maxine? Why didn’t you contact us? Do you know how worried I’ve been all these years?”


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