The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2779

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2779-Maxine reached out to pat Tiara’s head and replied smilingly, “ It’s a very long story.

I’ll tell you all about it later.” “Okay.” Tiara nodded.

At that moment, a few prodigies from the universe walked over.

Lucifer was the first to rush over to James.

He stood by the side and looked at James, who was lying on the ground weakly while healing his wounds.

Lucifer smiled lightly and said, “It’s been a few years since I last saw you, James.

You’ve grown even stronger since then.

After watching your battle against Yorick, it’ll be tough for me to defeat you even as I am right now.” Lucifer thought he finally had the strength to defeat James after working hard all these years.

However, he realized James had become terrifyingly strong after watching the fight.

Although he had mastered the Fifth Combat Form, he might still not be able to defeat James.

If he were to fight James again, he would still lose.

James smiled faintly in response.

At that moment, Walganus rushed over.

He looked at James and gave him a thumbs up, saying, “Not bad.

Your swordsmanship has improved.

I look forward to the day you reach Consolidation and perfect your swordsmanship.” Lying on the ground, James asked, “Why are you here, Walganus?” Walganus smiled and said, “Everyone is on Earth right now, so how can I miss out? The Earth is full of opportunities now that it’s the Apocalypse Age.

Numerous boons will appear on Earth, so of course, I came to try my luck in getting them.” “True.” James nodded lightly.

Countless treasures were appearing on Earth.

The greatest among them was the providences that appeared after each of the Four Calamities.

The next one about to appear soon was the providence after the Third Calamity.

Every creature’s dream was to leap out of the Three Dimensions, relinquish the Five Elements, and attain an Emperor’s Body.

Obtaining the providence after these Calamities would ensure one’s cultivation was smooth sailing in the future.

If the person that acquired the providence had enough time to cultivate, they would eventually become a Grand Emperor.

James lay down on the ground, healing his injuries.

It took about half an hour before he fully recovered.

James stood up from the ground and glanced at the crowd around the area.

He looked at Yorick, who was still treating his wounds.

Then, he looked at the humans and the universe’s prodigies.

James parted his lips and said, “I know all of you have come to Earth to seize good fortunes.

I will not intervene with anyone trying to obtain the providences or treasures on Earth.

However, since you’re on Earth, you outsiders will have to follow the rules on Earth.

“Pll announce the rules now.” Many creatures looked at James.

Since James was powerful and had defeated Yorick, they acknowledged he had the right to make a few demands.

Seeing that there were no objections, James announced, “First, Mount Bane belongs to the Earth’s humans.

Outsiders aren’t allowed to occupy it for selfish reasons, nor are you allowed to forbid humans from entering.

“Secondly, you’re not allowed to hurt the humans of Earth.

“Thirdly, leave the ordinary humans on Earth alone.” James looked at the prodigies from various universe races and said, “I only have three requests.

Other than that, I will not interfere in your activities, and you are free to do what you want on Earth.” “Haha.

Since we’re on Earth, of course, we have to follow the rules here.” A prodigy looking to befriend James immediately expressed his agreement.

“T agree.” “1m fine with these three rules.” After one person expressed his agreement, the others followed suit.

Soon, countless Foreigners agreed to James’ request.

Hearing this, the Earth’s humans were overjoyed.

James had earned back their rights because of his overwhelming strength.

If James were not strong, these Foreign Races would not be so agreeable.

James sighed in relief and felt fortunate that he did not fight in vain.

He used his strength to defend the dignity of the Earth’s humans.


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