The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2780

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2780-It was not easy for James to win the battle.

However, the results were satisfactory.

After setting the record straight with the Foreigners, James headed into Bane City and found Henry, Tyrus, and the others.

All of them were fine.

After resolving a series of things, James brought everyone back to Wyrmstead.

As for the humans of the Three Thousand Worlds, James did not pay them much attention.

He had already won an opportunity for them to enter Mount Bane.

As long as they were allowed to enter Mount Bane, they could use the abundant Spiritual Energy there to suppress the curse in their bodies.

James was now more worried about ordinary humans and cultivators with relatively low cultivation ranks.

James sat in the highest seat of the council in Wyrmstead’s main hall.

Quincy held a report and said, “I’ve got the latest news, James.

The curse has already infected the entire human race.

About three million people are dying from the curse every day.

“After going through the previous Calamities, the human population on Earth has decreased significantly.

If the trend of casualties continues like this, not many of the Earth’s humans will survive.” Hearing this, James asked worriedly, “You said three million people are dying daily?” Quincy nodded and said, “Yeah.

These are just the preliminary statistics.

The actual number of casualties worldwide has to be greater than this.” Standing aside, Thea asked, “Darling, is there really nothing we can do about the curses?” “What can we do?” James thought awhile and said, “There’s actually a way to eliminate the curse.

I can absorb the curses, but my body won’t be able to bear that many curses as my current capacity is very limited.

“Also, I’ve already seen the custodian about it.

She said humanity’s seniors are already researching the curse.

They’re trying to develop an elixir that can suppress the curse.

It should be ready soon.

“After they succeed, humans can consume the elixirs and suppress the curses.

“Even if the elixir can’t completely eliminate the curse, it should be sufficient to suppress it and help humans survive.” Thea asked, “Then, do we just wait?” James nodded.


There’s nothing else we can do right now.

We can only wait for the results.

The Heavenly Path is fixed on exterminating the human race.

If even Grand Emperors can’t do anything about it, what can I do? If ] were a Grand Emperor, I would perhaps at least have the strength to absorb all human curses.

However, my current cultivation rank is very low.” Wyrmstead’s senior authorities and some of Earth’s powerhouses gathered to discuss the curse.

However, James was utterly helpless against the curse.

The most important thing at hand was to appease and calm the humans down to prevent Earth from falling into chaos.

After humans were made aware of the curse, some troublemakers began to cause trouble, knowing they did not have long to live.

Thus, turmoil broke out all over the world.

James sent some people out to help suppress the curse and chaos globally.

After a brief discussion, the people dispersed.

Only a few of them stayed behind.

Thea and James met up in the backyard of Wyrmstead’s Imperial Palace.

Thea asked James about everything he had experienced over the years.

James truthfully recounted everything from leaving Earth to the Demon Realm and how he somehow ended up on Galileo.

“Was it really you?” A furious voice resounded nearby.

Hearing the sound, James turned around and saw Brielle walking over.

She had come to see Thea but overheard James from a distance.

Brielle learned about James’ scheme to steal the bodhi tree and how everything happened.

“James…” Brielle looked at James furiously.

“My clan treated you well, but you used marriage as a cover-up to steal our clan’s treasure? H- How could you?” James looked at her embarrassedly.


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