The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2782

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2782-James knew he had wronged Brielle.

However, he did not want any more misunderstandings.

Thus, he chose to leave and return to his own accommodation.

Thea had already returned and was sitting on a chair outside the yard.

She was not surprised to see James coming back so soon since she knew James’ character well.

She stood up and asked playfully, “Why are you back so soon? You should’ve at least spent some time with her.

For the past few years, she’s been traveling with me just to find you.” James walked over, sat down, and smiled troubledly.

“Back then, I only married her to steal the bodhi tree.

However, I do indeed owe her an apology.

I’ll have to find a chance to make it up to her.” Thea also sat back down.

“By the way, what’re you planning to do next?” James thought for a while and said, “The elixir for suppressing the curse hasn’t been developed yet, and there’s no certainty on how long it will take.

Moreover, I have no idea when the third providence will appear.

Thus, I plan to head to Mount Bane to cultivate.” Thea nodded and said, “Mhm.

Don’t worry about Wyrmstead.

I’ll take care of the affairs here.

Everything will be fine.” James said gratefully, “Thank you.” Afterward, James stayed in Wyrmstead for a while.

James did not rush to Mount Bane because he had been separated from Thea for a long time and now they’ve finally reunited.

He planned to stay with her for some time.

Thea said, “By the way, Winnie already left.” James nodded.


I know.

I hope everything goes well for her.” Winnie had her own goals, and James did not want to control her.

James looked at Thea and said smilingly, “Thea, I’d also like a son too.” Thea’s pretty face immediately blushed.

She did not reply to him.

Instead, she stood up and walked into the room.

James smiled faintly, got up, and entered the room, not forgetting to close the door.

James stayed in Wyrmstead’s Imperial Palace for half a month.

Half a month later, he left for Mount Bane.

During his fight with Yorick, they destroyed many mountains.

However, Mount Bane was an extraordinary place where the Human Realm’s seal was located.

Thus, there was a powerful formation around the area that had magical powers.

After half a month, all the destroyed mountains and regions within Mount Bane had been restored.

James could not help but exclaim, “Mount Bane sure is a miraculous place.

The Earth doesn’t have Three Dimensions yet.

I wonder if it will slowly separate into Three Dimensions after the seal opens.

Since the Earth originally had Three Dimensions in the past, it should most likely happen, right?” James murmured to himself.

Then, he headed up a mountain.

There was an open space on the mountaintop.

On the mountaintop, there was a statue.

The statue was carved in the image of an armed man.

The statue faced the distance with a domineering temperament.

Colorful lights shone from the statue.

The light rays shot into the sky and illuminated the area.

The statue had appeared a very long time ago.

However, no one knew who the statue was carved after.

James did not know either.

Many human cultivators sat in a lotus position near the statue, absorbing the Elysian Spiritual Energy and suppressing the curse in their bodies.

James walked over and said loudly, “I’d like to cultivate here.” His voice resounded, and the cultivators stopped practicing simultaneously.

Seeing that it was James, they did not say a word.

They did not linger any longer and quickly left the mountain.


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