The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2784

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2784-The mysterious door was full of powerful energy.

“That’s the South Heaven Gate.” While the prodigies discussed the Divine Door, a voice suddenly resounded.

Hearing the voice, many creatures turned to look for the source.

Aman in a white robe and carrying along sword walked over.

He was not very handsome but had a decent appearance.

“Walganus?” James’ brows furrowed.

He walked over to Walganus and asked, “Do you know the origin of this door?” Many of the prodigies stared at Walganus, waiting for his answer.

Walganus stared at the Divine Door ahead and harked back into his memories.

He was very familiar with the Divine Door.

In the past, he used to play around this particular door.

After a while, he nodded and said, “Yeah.

I know where it’s from.” “Sir, what’s the origin of this Divine Door?” “Yeah.

Cut to the chase and tell us.” “Ts it the third providence?” They bombarded him with questions.

Walganus replied, “I don’t know whether it’s related to the third providence, but I do know what it is.

This Divine Door is called the South Heaven Door.

It was the entrance into the Ancient Heavenly Court.

However, the Ancient Heavenly Court Age is already history.

“So, if I’m not mistaken, this door probably leads to the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins.

“The Ancient Heavenly Court dominated the Ancient Heavenly Court Age and controlled the entire universe during then.” Walganus explained to the crowd.

A creature walked over and attempted to push the South Heaven Door open.

He used all his strength but was to no avail.

“H-How do we open the door?” Many prodigies were perplexed.

Walganus walked to the South Heaven Door slowly.

Under many gazes, Walganus raised his hand.

His palm made contact with the South Heaven Door, and he urged the energy within his body.

At that moment, the South Heaven Door’s golden light grew brighter.

Creak! Acrack formed on the South Heaven Door.

“It’s open.” “He opened the door.

Who exactly is this guy? How did he open the South Heaven Door from the Ancient Heavenly Court Age?” The South Heaven Door slowly opened, and golden light burst out.

The crowd was unable to see what was hidden behind the golden light.

After Walganus opened the door, he took a deep breath.

He attempted to walk through the door but was knocked out by the golden light.

He fell to the ground and spat out blood.

Walganus got up with difficulty and roared, “Why? Why won’t you let me in?! I want to see the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court!” Walganus shouted angrily.

At that moment, another creature tried to enter through the door.

Unlike Walganus, the other creatures could easily pass through the South Heaven Door.

‘It’s not impossible to enter the South Heaven Door.” “Could this door really be the third providence? And those over the age limit aren’t able to enter?” Many prodigies began to make guesses.

After one made it through the door, another creature tried.

Soon, many of them had passed through the door.

James stood aside, not daring to act rashly.

He did not immediately enter the door but came to Walganus.

He said, “The South Heaven Door is probably the third providence.

Since you’ve already exceeded the age limit, you’re not allowed to obtain it.”


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