The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2787

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2787-James looked at her and asked, “Are you also going to the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins?” Maxine said, “Of course! How could I miss out on the opportunity?” Thea looked at Maxine.

She knew Maxine’s character very well.

Maxine called out to Thea sweetly, “Thea.” Thea nodded slightly in response to her greeting.

Thea walked over to James, stretched out her hands, and fixed James’ collar.

She tenderly reminded him again, “Go on.

Please be mindful on your journey.

I’ll wait on Earth for your safe return.” James said smilingly, “Don’t worry.

I’ll be alright.” After a brief conversation with Thea, James walked toward the South Heaven Door.

Many people were gathered at the South Heaven Door, waiting for James.

“Are you ready, James?” asked Qusai.

James nodded.

“Yeah.” Brielle said excitedly, “The Ancient Heavenly Court, the most terrifying existence during the Ancient Heavenly Court Age.

They were the dominators of the universe and managed to gain control over the vast universe.

The Ancient Heavenly Court must’ve been extraordinary.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s within the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court.” Maxine also said, “I’ve also heard about the Ancient Heavenly Court.

It’s speculated the Ancient Heavenly Court’s Lord was a Grand Emperor called the Jade Emperor.

He had lordship over the Ancient Heavenly Court and universe back then.

He also is the founder of the Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts, which is one of the strongest Supernatural Powers throughout all of history.” James nodded and said, “Let’s go.” The group set off into the South Heaven Door.

The golden light within the South Heaven Door surrounded them, and they advanced through the light.

The passage felt like a spatial passage that transported them through time.

After five minutes, the golden light gradually dissipated.

Ahead of them were borderless mountain ranges, rivers, and vast lands.

Abundant Primordial Energy swept toward them.

“There’s very strong Primordial Energy here.” “It’s a great place for cultivating.” “Yeah.

Even if we don’t get the providence, it’ll be worthwhile to cultivate here.” Several of them began to discuss the place.

Meanwhile, James scanned his surroundings.

The passage had already disappeared.

They were within a mountain range, which did not seem normal.

No plants were within sight, and only a few strangely- shaped black rocks could be seen.

There were cracks in the ground with black mist oozing out from beneath.

The black mist rose and circled around the sky, making the place seem bizarre.

After scanning the surroundings, James murmured, “Are these the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court?” Maxine suddenly pointed ahead of them and said, “Look over there.

What’s that?” James looked over and saw a tablet in the open space ahead of them.

The tablet slowly rose from the ground and appeared before them.

Taking the lead, James approached the tablet.

Soon, the group was close to the tablet.

The black tablet was 100 meters high, and some ancient scripts were engraved on it.

James stared at it for a while but could not read the words.

“What does it say?” asked James.

Qusai looked at the tablet for a while and said, “It’s just an ordinary stone tablet recording some information about the Ancient Heavenly Court.” James looked at him and asked, “Do you recognize these words?” Qusai nodded and said, “I’ve learned the language before.” James asked, “What’s written on it?”


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