The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2791

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2791-“Watch out!” James yelled.

The moment Brielle appeared in the golem formation, the golems immediately attacked her ferociously.

Standing in different positions, the golems continuously swung their stone swords, and unrivaled Sword Energy burst forth.

Though the golems’ speed was extraordinary, Brielle’s speed was comparable to theirs.

James could only see figures darting about.

Ten seconds later, a figure flew out.

Brielle crashed heavily to the ground and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Maxine hurriedly rushed over to her and helped her up, asking, “ Are you alright?” Brielle wiped the blood trace off her lips and shook her head slightly, saying, “I’m fine.

I just never expected the golem formation to be this terrifying.

The golems’ sword techniques are impeccable, and there wasn’t an opening at all.

I could only last a few seconds.” Everyone else’s expressions turned grim.

Qusai looked at James and asked, “James, you possess greater swordsmanship.

Did you see an opening anywhere?” James shook his head and said, “To be frank, I couldn’t see anything.

The golems’ speed was too extraordinary.” Saying that, James shut his eyes and recalled the movements in the golem formation.

In his mind, the golems began moving.

In an instant, their positions changed, and in just afew short seconds, the golems had changed positions numerous times while attacking simultaneously.

“Impressive…” James said and sighed, “The individual who created the golem formation must be an unparalleled fighter.

I can’t understand anything with my current strength.” “What should we do, then?” Qusai said anxiously, “The providence is right before our eyes.

Are we going to return empty- handed?” “Maybe I should give it a try,” Maxine stood up and said.

James glanced at her and asked, “Are you stronger than Brielle?” He did not believe that Maxine’s strength was greater than Brielle’s.

Maxine said, “I’m incomparable to Brielle.

However, when observing the golem formation, I noticed that the formation uses a Sword Formation created by the principles of the Figure of Nine Squares and Eight Trigrams.

Though the golem formation is at an advanced level, we can break the formation by mastering the Figure of Nine Squares and Eight Trigrams.” All these years, James had learned many things from the Patriarch of the Azurean Clan in the Demon Realm.

Though she was not proficient in the fundamental principles of formations, she knew the basics.

“Alright then, give it a try,” James nodded and said.

A sword appeared in Maxine’s hand, and she charged into the golem formation.

James observed intently.

Under his watchful gaze, all eighteen golems attacked Maxine ferociously and seamlessly, leaving her no room to mount an effective defense.

However, Maxine’s movements were bizarre as she continuously dodged the golems’ attacks.

Though she understood the principles of the formation, the swordsmanship of the golems was too advanced and elusive.

As she had only recently become a Sage, she was no match for the golems.

She was defeated after holding up for a few minutes.

“Not bad.” James praised, “You lasted for seven minutes, much longer than Brielle.” Maxine rolled her eyes and said, “Stop making sarcastic remarks and think of a solution.” James shrugged and said, “What else can I do? If we can’t pass through the golem formation, then so be it.

There must be War Orders in some other places.

We can simply go somewhere else.”


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