The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2792

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2792-James’ desire to obtain the third providence was low.

The third providence was mainly about Leaping out of the Three Realms, Relinquishing the Five Elements, and Attaining an Emperor Physical Body.

Once he obtained an Emperor Physical Body, he would be spared of the Three Apocalypses and Nine Tribulations.

However, obtaining an Emperor Physical Body did not mean that his body would acquire strength that was equivalent to the Emperor Rank.

It was merely a title of sorts.

The greatest benefit of all would be that he would be spared of the Three Apocalypses and Nine Tribulations, which were the biggest obstacles on the journey of cultivation.

They were the keys to preventing all living beings from achieving breakthroughs, and countless powerful figures had perished by the tribulations.

However, there were always two sides to the same coin.

Tribulations were able to nurture an individual, thereby allowing them to grow in adversity.

“Let’s think of a way,” Brielle said while looking at James.

“Why don’t you give it a try?” “Forget it.” James immediately turned down her offer, saying, “I don’t know anything about Formations.

There’s no point in wasting everyone’s time.

I might not even last a few minutes.” Maxine looked at James and said, “Please reconsider, James.

This is the palace of the war god of the Ancient Heavenly Court Age.

The war god was the most powerful individual in the Heavenly Court.

There must be countless providences inside.” James said, “But I don’t know anything about Formations.” Maxine said, “I’ll help you out.” James looked at the others.

Seeing that everyone’s gazes were fixed on him, he realized that they were looking forward to entering the palace.

After some contemplation, he said, “In that case, Il] do my best to learn.” Then, Maxine began explaining the principles of the Figure of Nine Squares and Eight Trigrams to James.

The Figure of Nine Squares and Eight Trigrams was rather simple.

However, once combined, the countless combinations would become exponentially complicated.

Maxine told James everything she knew.

James was a fast learner at his rank.

So, learning this was an easy feat for him.

In just a few short days, he had already grasped the fundamentals.

“Are you done, James?” Maxine asked.

James nodded and said, “I think so.

Ill give it a try.” A purple sword appeared in James’ hand.

It was the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, the Imperial Weapon of an Ancestral God.

Everyone had seen James battle against Yorick using this sword.

However, they knew nothing about the sword’s origins.

Seeing James pull out this sword once more, Maxine asked, “What is this sword, James?” Qusai and Brielle were looking at James.

Though they had known him from long ago in the Demon Realm, James had yet to obtain the sword at that time.

As James held the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword in his hand, purple light permeated the air, and powerful Sword Energy materialized from within it.

Wearing a smug look, he said, “This is no ordinary sword.

It’s the Imperial Weapon of an Ancestral God.” “An Ancestral God?!” They exclaimed at the same time.

“Ves, » James nodded and told them about the events that unfolded.

Hearing this, everyone was envious.

It was an Imperial Weapon, an object that did not exist in this era.

A single Imperial Weapon like this was enough to stir up a commotion.

“Alright now, enough chit-chatting.

Quick, give it a try.” Maxine urged James.

Holding the Divine Sword in his hand, James leaped into the air and entered the golem formation.

Immediately, all eighteen golems turned to him and attacked him ferociously.

At that instant, many swords came slashing at him.

Their speed was so extraordinary that James almost could not react in time.

Fortunately, he already knew of the golems’ Sword Moves.


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