The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2806

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2806-There was a total of thirty-three War Orders in the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Based on Milo’s calculations, he planned to seize a few more War Orders and sell them to those who needed them.

The powerful figures who came to Earth were prodigies from all over the universe who was loaded.

However, James was the one who obtained the War Order this time.

In just a few short days, his strength had increased by leaps and bounds.

As the cost of fighting James far outweighed the benefits, he opted to give up.

Meanwhile, James sat in a lotus position on the ground to rest.

There were many living beings gathered at the foot of Mount Flames—approximately ten thousand of them.

Their gazes were all fixed on James.

Now that the War Order was in James’ hands, they would obtain the War Order just by defeating him.

However, James was no pushover, and defeating him was nigh impossible.

Many brushed those thoughts aside.

If they possessed the strength to defeat James, they would have no problem searching for a War Order in the ruins.

Many turned to leave, and no one made a move against James, even though he was injured.

Soon, James’ injuries recovered.

When he entered Mount Flames previously, his hair had been completely burned away.

However, at his current rank, he was able to control the vitality of his body as he pleased.

This meant that he could freely control the growth of hair.

Soon, his hair had grown back.

As he stood, Maxine and the others walked toward him.

Concerned, Maxine asked, “Are you alright?”

James smiled and said, “Of course I am.”

Holding the War Order up high, he said with a smug smile, “I have acquired the War Order.”

Marcello, Jace, and the other living beings of the Demon Raxe approached them.

Marcello said smilingly, “Congratulations on obtaining the War Order, James.This means that you now have the right to enter the Thirty-three Stages Celestial Palace and compete for the ultimate providence.”

James smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Qusai asked, “What should we do next, James?”

James glanced at the volcano before him.

It was the perfect location for cultivation.

As nourishing his physical body here would achieve better results, he planned to enter a closed-door meditation here for some time.

After brief contemplation, he said, “Since I’ve already obtained a War Order, there’s no need for me to take further risks.I plan to enter a closed-door meditation here and wait for the Thirty-three Stages Celestial Palace to open.”

James’ current strength was still insufficient to overwhelm the masses.

Competing for the ultimate providence at his current rank would be rather difficult.

Maxine furrowed her eyebrows and said, “Are you forsaking us now that you have obtained a War Order?”

Qusai said smilingly, “Enter a closed-door meditation if you wish, James.With our strength, we’ll be able to obtain a few War Orders ourselves.”

Qusai was confident in their strength.

Brielle nodded as well and said, “I agree with Qusai this time.Focus on your closed-door meditation, James.We’ll search for the War Orders ourselves.”

Brielle was confident in her strength as well.

Among the living beings who entered the ruins, she was certainly ranked within the top thirty.

As long as those who had already obtained a War Order would not compete for more, she had a high chance of acquiring one.

Marcello chimed in, “We have no idea when the Thirty-three Stages Celestial Palace will open.Entering a closed-door meditation is the right choice.You should increase your strength by as much as possible to stand a better chance for the ultimate providence.”


James nodded and said, “This is farewell, then.”

He clasped his fists and bid farewell to them.

Maxine, Qusai, and Brielle teamed up and continued to search for War Orders elsewhere.

Marcello and Jace left Mount Flames alongside the other prodigies of the Demon Face.

The other living beings at Mount Flames also gradually turned to leave.

Soon, silence fell on Mount Flames.



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