The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2810

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2810-James had only just finished a closed-door meditation which drastically increased his strength.

His rank had reached the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage, and his physical strength had reached the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage.

However, these were not the key points.

The most significant of all was that he had gained insight into the Flames of Samadhi.

This was not to mention the Sword Intent materialized from the foundations of the Flames of Samadhi.

However, James had no idea how terrifying they were since he had never used them in battle before.

He scanned the knights in his surroundings.

All of them exuded immense auras.

Through a single glimpse, James could tell that they were at about the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage.

The ferocious- looking man, on the other hand, was at least at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage according to conservative estimates.

James’ face darkened as he looked at the man and asked, “What’s your name? I don’t fight against nameless people.”

The man laughed and said, Remember my name well, James.

My name is Yorich Jareda, the Young Master of the Sword Realm, and my father’s the Lord of the Sword Realm.

I hear that your sword techniques are unrivaled.

Allow me to test your true strength then.”

Yorich smiled as he gave the order, “Attack!”

As he gave the order, hundreds of knights brandished their swords, and hundreds of Sword Energies struck James at the same time.

James dodged the attacks and appeared in mid-air.

Rumble! A deep fissure appeared on the ground.

“You have a death wish!”

James’ face darkened as the Divine Sword materialized in his hand.

The knights were approximately at the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage.

Though they were strong, this was nothing to James.

His rank was already at the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage.

Besides, the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword was an Imperial Weapon.

These allowed him to mitigate the power disparity between them.

After appearing in mid-air, his body flashed, and a Sword Light glimmered.

Before the knights could even react, they were already struck dead.

James had no sympathy whatsoever toward these knights who wished to seize his belonging.

So, he simply annihilated them without any mercy.

The Divine Sword in combination with his invincible sword techniques annihilated them in an instant.

Many witnessed this scene, and all of them were dumbfounded.

“James is so strong…”

“James has grown even stronger compared to when he fought against Yorick.Now, he didn’t use the arcane arts that increase his strength.”

“Indeed, Yorich’s knights have posed a threat to many powerful figures all this while.To think that James managed to annihilate them ina single move…”

“As expected of the man who obtained the War Order from Mount Flames.” Many exclaimed.

Seeing that his subordinates were being killed, veins budged on Yorich’s face.

These knights were the elite troops of the Sword Realm that were gathered from all over the place to assist him in obtaining this providence.

Now, however, they were being annihilated by James.

What should he say to the higher-ups if he let James go scot-free? “You’re dead meat, kid!”

Yorich said coldly.

A dark light appeared and formed a black sword.

Holding the sword in his hand, Yorich’s aura burst forth.

“An Imperial Weapon?”

“That’s right, this is an Imperial Weapon.The Lord of the Sword Realms is a Grand Emperor.Besides, the Sword Realm is famous for its terrifying swordsmanship.As such Yorich’s swordsmanship must be extraordinary.”

The moment Yorich revealed his Imperial Weapon, everyone could tell what it was.

James froze momentarily.

There were simply too many Imperial Weapons in this world.

Not just Yorick, but even Yorich had one.

It looked that there would be a fierce battle would erupt here today.

However, James was undaunted.

In fact, he was feeling exhilarated.

“You’re the perfect guinea pig to test my Sword Intent,”

James’ voice boomed.



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