The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2811

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2811-Yorich roared and raised the black sword in his hand before slashing ferociously.

A terrifying Sword Light materialized and shredded through the air, heading in James’ direction.

The Sword Light’s aura was powerful and its power immense.

Upon sensing danger, the surrounding living beings who were spectating the scene hurriedly retreated to the rear.

Faced with this powerful attack, James did not hesitate at all.

He raised his hand and slashed with his sword.

A wave of Sword Energy materialized from within the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword.

The two Sword Energies collided.

Boom! As the Sword Energies collided in mid-air, an explosion occurred, creating a powerful blast.

James could sense a terrifying power sweeping toward him.

Instantly, he raised the Divine Sword in his hand and deflected the incoming Sword Intent.


Yorich was incensed when he saw James was unscathed.

Leaping into the air, the sword he wielded broke free of his control and began multiplying in number.

In a short period of time, thousands of black swords had materialized, and each of them charged at James while carrying immense power.

James smiled faintly.

At that moment, his Sword Intent transformed, and the purple sword in his hand instantly turned red.


James slashed with his sword.

A fiery red Sword Energy materialized from within the sword.

Like a flamethrower sweeping through the area, every black sword that came into contact shattered into pieces.

In an instant, thousands of swords were shattered.

Only one remained.

The remaining one plummeted from the sky after being forced back and crashed heavily to the ground, causing great destruction to the abandoned city.

Meanwhile, the flames continued to sweep through the area, striking Yorich in the process.

Yorich’s body was instantly sliced in half.

At that moment, an immense power materialized from within his body and forcibly rejuvenated it despite being slashed in half.

Even so, his body suffered severe injuries.

He plummeted from the sky and crashed heavily to the ground.

Then, he simply lay on the ground motionless.


Upon seeing this, James was stunned.

He had just performed the Samadhi Sword Intent and he had only recently gained insight.

He never thought that its power would be so immense that even an Imperial Weapon was easily knocked away.

He put away the Divine Sword.

At that moment, Yorich stood up from the pile of rubble he crashed into.

His body was almost completely destroyed but was rejuvenated at a pivotal moment.

Even so, his body was gravely injured, and he was completely covered in blood.

He sat on a rock and panted for breath.

James kept his hands to his back and walked toward him.

Yorich glared at him.

As he possessed an Imperial Weapon, he believed himself to possess even greater strength than Yorick.

Now, however, after being defeated by James in a single move, he could not help but be stunned.

“Just do it already.”

Since he was defeated, there was nothing much he could say about the situation he was in.

James stood before him and glanced at him.

He was tempted to end Yorich’s life right there and then.

However, he knew that Yorich was no ordinary man and was the Young Master of the Sword Realm.

He had never heard of the Sword Realm, and as such, it should not be one of the Seven Dimensions.

Even so, it must be a huge world where there would be plenty of Grand Emperors.

If he killed Yorich, he might create more trouble for the humans on Earth.

“Why would I kill you?” James said coldly, “I won’t kill you.I only want to let you know that I won’t provoke others unnecessarily.However, don’t think that you can get away scot-free after messing around with me.I won’t hold back.”

James’ voice boomed.

Then, he turned to leave.

Soon, he disappeared from this region.

After he disappeared, the living beings who were spectating the event returned.

Upon seeing Yorich, who was covered in blood and whose life was hanging by a thread, they could not help but take a deep breath.


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