The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2812

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2812-Yorich, the Young Master of the Sword Realm who possessed an Imperial Weapon, was certainly a terrifying being.

However, against James, he was defeated in a few moves.

Not only that, but he was only alive at this point because James was merciful.

Otherwise, he would have perished in the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

“James is too terrifying…”

“He’s much stronger now compared to when he fought against Yorick.”

“I have no idea how he cultivates.How did he manage to become so strong in such a short amount of time?”

Many, upon seeing Yorich, whose life was hanging by a thread, took a deep breath.

James, on the other hand, had left the abandoned city.

Based on the exchange between the living beings, he now knew that thirty War Orders had appeared and that only three remained hidden.

This meant that once the final three War Orders appeared, the Thirty- three Stages Celestial Palace would open.

After entering the Thirty- three Stages Celestial Palace, he would have the opportunity to obtain the ultimate providence.

James wandered about inside the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

The place was huge, with dilapidated halls littered around the place.

Besides that, there were also mountains and rivers here.

However, these places had been turned inside up, and no War Order was found.

Now, the only thing James needed to do was find Qusai, Maxine, and the others.

After walking continuously for a few days, he did not encounter anyone.

At the moment, he was sitting in a lotus position on the ground while he rested.

From afar, a group of living beings appeared.

They were discussing the latest events that unfolded.

“James appeared, and Yorich attempted to seize his War Order.He sent his subordinates, the knights, to surround James.However, James managed to annihilate them in a single move.Yorich was not any better.He was defeated in just a few moves.”

“By the way, I heard that the thirty-first War Order has appeared.”

“Yes, I have heard of that as well.The War Order appeared in Yandul, and many powerful figures flocked there and were engaged in a fierce battle.In the end, a primordial beast seized the War Order.”

“This primordial beast seems to be a Gorger.I heard that long ago, James used to have one by his side.”

As James had a good sense of hearing, he stood up upon overhearing their conversation.

His body flashed, and he rushed toward the group’s location, appearing before them in the blink of an eye.

Upon seeing James, they froze.


As if confronted by a demon, they had horrified expressions on their faces as they staggered backward.

James said coldly, “Am I that terrifying?”

“Are you not?” a humanoid creature with wings on its back muttered.

James looked him in the eye, and he immediately shut his mouth.

Then, James asked, “You were saying something about a Gorger?”

“Yes…It has the appearance of a young girl about seven years of age and had purple hair.Back at Yandul Sage Realm, she transformed into a Gorger and overwhelmed everyone.In the end, she obtained the thirty-first War Order.”

Hearing this, James furrowed his eyebrows.

Though he had never seen the original form of Feb the Gorger, he knew that she was a female.

Based on this information, he could roughly guess that the Gorger that appeared must have been Febecause she was the only surviving Gorger in the world.

“Where is she?” James asked.

They shook their heads.

“I don’t know.”

“This happened five days ago.We have no idea where the Gorger could have gone.”

“Oh, yeah…”

One of the living beings was suddenly reminded of something.


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