The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2815

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2815-“James has appeared.”

“Hehe…Time to watch the show.”

“Since James has shown himself, those without a War Order would certainly make their way here to seize his.”

“Indeed, the Celestial Ant isn’t the only one without one.”

“Yorick’s also on the list of people without a War Order.I believe that he would surely appear and fight against James.I feel he only lost to James the last time because he hasn’t used the ace up his sleeves.”

James was immediately spotted the moment he appeared.

At that moment, all the creatures had looks of anticipation on their faces.

They knew there would be a show there.

This would be a fierce battle for the War Orders.

This might not end that easily.

God knew how many creatures would make their way here to seize James’ War Order.

Even though James was strong, those without a War Order would not give up that easily, considering that those who had one in their possession were already in hiding.

The moment James appeared, he was also noticed by Qusai and Brielle.

Just as Brielle was about to show herself and meet up with James, Qusai stopped her in time, “Let’s not be hasty.News of us obtaining a War Order was spread, so many of them know that we were together with James.”

Hearing this, Brielle immediately understood what he meant.

She knew that Qusai was worried that someone would impersonate James to lure them out so that they could seize their War Orders.So, the two remained in hiding and observed.

After confirming James’ aura, they showed themselves.

Just as James was about to head to Mount Penyet, find the Celestial Ant, and save Maxine…


came a voice.

James turned around and saw two figures walking hurriedly toward him.

“Brielle! Qusai!”

Stunned, James asked, “Why are you here?”

Brielle said, “We obtained a War Order soon after we parted ways.However, news of our obtaining a War Order spread, so we had no choice but to part ways with Maxine.Qusai and I then begin hiding all over the place.When we heard that Maxine had been captured, we hurriedly made our way here.All this while, we had been concealed in the shadows.”


Qusai nodded.

Looking at the surrounding creatures, his expression turned grim as he said, “We have to end this quickly, James.

Otherwise, once the other powerful figures arrive, we’ll be forced to fight an endless battle.”

James, however, could not care less.

At the moment, he was unafraid of anyone.

With his current strength, only a handful inside the ruins could stand up against him.

He looked at Qusai and Brielle and said smilingly, “If we work together, there won’t be anyone who can stand against us.Besides, I have connections with a certain Gorger.She would certainly make her way here receiving news of my appearance.If all four of us work together, the ultimate providence will surely be in our hands.”James was confident that the combined strength of him, Brielle, Qusai, and the Gorger could easily overwhelm all enemies.


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