The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2818

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2818-James clenched his fists as veins bulged on his arm.

His face darkened.

Sensing James’ killing intent, Maveth froze.

What exactly had this guy gone through? Why was there such terrifying killing intent inside him? However, he was unafraid.

That was because he had Maxine.

The more agitated James was, the more he cared for her.

“You better not act impulsively, James.My blade is faster than you are,” Maveth warned.

James could sense that Kakush, the one pressing a blade against Maxine’s neck, was a powerful figure.

The aura he exuded was powerful, and his strength was at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage.

Since he was able to enter the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court, he must certainly be an extremely powerful figure.

To ensure Maxine’s safety, he did not act impulsively.

He took out the War Order from the Celestial Abode.

Upon seeing the War Order in James’ hand, Maveth became agitated.

Extending his shivering hands, he cried out, “Q-Quick…Give it to me.”

Maxine, who had regained consciousness, hurriedly cried out upon seeing James taking out his War Order, “No, James! There are only a total of thirty-three War Orders.If you hand yours over, you’ll lose the right to compete for the providence.Don’t forfeit that opportunity because of me.”

Maxine’s voice boomed.

Looking at the War Order in his hand before looking at Maxine, James glared at Maveth.

He suppressed his fury deep inside and uttered word by word, “The War Order is in my hands.Come and take it if you dare.”

At the same time James spoke, he catalyzed Sacrilegious Ascension, Elemental Inversion, and the power of dragon bones.

At that moment, he was at his strongest.

Back then when he fought against Yorick, he was only at the Sage Rank’s First Stage.

By performing many signature cultivation methods, he was able to defeat Yorick.

Now, he was at the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage.

With the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, he knew he was invincible in the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court if it was strictly a one vs. one.

In addition to the Samadhi Sword Intent he only recently gained insight into, he could easily exterminate Maveth and Kakush.

The Divine Sword materialized in James’ hand.

With the sword in hand, his aura had an unparalleled magnificence.

“I have the War Order right here.Do you dare approach me?”

James uttered word by word, and his voice boomed.

Qusai felt a chill down his spine as he murmured, “I never thought James’ strength had reached such a terrifying level in just a short period of time.He has completely overwhelmed mine.With his strength, he should have no problem obtaining the ultimate providence.”

Brielle was stunned as well.

James from before was only a prodigy in her eyes.

Now, however, James was simply on an entirely different level.

The aura James exuded awed Brielle.

From afar, Maveth was shocked when he sense James’ aura.He was absolutely confident in his strength.

Together with Kakush, he believed himself to be capable of dealing with James.

Now, however, James’ aura was simply too overwhelming.

His confidence wavered.

As he turned around and glanced at the stone pillar behind him, he saw that Kakush’s sword was still pressed against Maxine’s neck.

Immediately, his worry dissipated.

“Do you think I’m scared of you?” He yelled.

Then, he turned around and ordered, “If James dares act recklessly, kill Maxine at once.”

“Understood,” Kakush said.

Upon seeing this, James’ expression turned grim.

At that moment, he secretly spoke with Qusai and Brielle through telepathy and said, “When the enemy approaches me to take the War Order, seize the opportunity and save Maxine.”


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