The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2824

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2824-Comprehending the Way was different at times.

Sometimes, one would be able to comprehend the matter as thoughts raced through one’s mind.

At other times, however, one would not be able to gain any insight even if one entered a closed-door meditation for millennia.

James was currently experiencing the latter.

To fuse the Murderous Energy into swordsmanship, he would first need to control the Murderous Energy in his body and transform them into power.

This was extremely difficult.

After making numerous attempts throughout a long period of time, he was only barely able to use it.

Before he could imbue the Murderous Energy into his swordsmanship, the War Orders reacted.

He hurriedly stopped, took out his War Order, and walked out of the Time Formation.

At the same time, Brielle and Qusai stood up.

Seeing that James walked out of the Time Formation, Brielle said, “The War Order has reacted.All thirty-three War Orders must have appeared.The Thirty-three Stages Celestial Palace is about to open.”


James nodded.

Qusai asked, “How did your closed-door meditation go, James?”

James shook his head slightly and said, ‘Not much progress.I can only take one step at a time.The Gorger has yet to appear.I guess I can only meet up with her in the Thirty-three Stages Celestial Palace.”

Based on James’ original plan, he wanted to team up with the Gorger.

By combining their strength, they could overwhelm against all odds.

At that moment, the War Orders in their hands became more and more transparent.

In the end, it materialized into a white light and entered James’ body.

The same was true for Qusai and Brielle.

Their War Orders materialized into a white light and entered his body.

At that moment, an immense power came from inside their bodies and pulled them into the sky.

Next, a fissure appeared in the sky, and they entered the fissure before vanishing without a trace.

James’ vision blurred.

When he reappeared, he was at an unknown place.

He scanned his surroundings and noticed that this was a huge arena that was surrounded by mysterious halos.

“An arena?”

James was puzzled.

As he scanned his surroundings, he noticed creatures were appearing all around him.

There were a total of thirty-three of them.


Just as everyone was puzzled, a voice boomed.

“Wh-Who’s there?”

Everyone was puzzled as they scanned their surroundings.

As the voice boomed, a black light descended from the sky and formed the figure of an elderly man.

The man was wearing a black robe that had a cape that blocked his face.

As such, his appearance could not be discerned.

He was leaning on a cane.

Thirty-three creatures looked at the elderly man at the center of the arena.

None spoke.

The elderly man scanned his surroundings and murmured, “Are these the most distinguished individuals of our times? Looks promising I must say.”

Someone asked, “Sorry, but who are you?”


The elderly man laughed and said, “I’m the final guardian of the Celestial Palace and the ultimate providence of the Heavenly Court.Your arrival speaks volumes about your strength.Next, allow me to briefly describe the rules of the competition.

“There are a total of thirty-three stages in the arena.This is the first stage.Each time a person is disqualified, you’ll progress to the next stage until only one remains.That final remaining person would have successfully ascended the Thirty-three Stages and would obtain the ultimate providence of the Ancient Heavenly Court Age – Leap out of the Three Dimensions, Relinquish the Five Elements.From today onwards, you will no longer be constrained by the Heavenly Path.”

Just like that, everyone now knew the rules.

It was a battle royale.

At each stage, they would have to disqualify someone, and only a single one will remain in the end.

Sensing the thoughts of the participants, the Guardian said smilingly, “This is not as simple as you think it is.You don’t disqualify others by killing them.Instead, you deplete the energy level of their War Orders.”


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