The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2831

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2831-Maveth said, “At this point, this is the only option.

Let’s first strike and defend Qhuv.” After giving it some thought, Matilde said, “Alright.”.

James had no idea that while they were fighting Qhuv with all their might, Maveth had already made a decision and was making allies with the intent to defend Qhuv.

Qhuv was surrounded by enemies, alone and helpless.

While facing the attacks of five extremely powerful cultivators, he used every tactic he had.

He had even used the Fatal Realm’s most terrifying signature skill, the Lethal Blade’s Fury.

The Lethal Blade’s Fury was a signature skill created by the Fatal Emperor.

This signature skill was extremely powerful, and when combined with the Imperial Weapon, the Lethal Blade, its power was amplified even further.

On the other hand, James and the others had yet to use their ultimate moves yet.

They did not use their strongest signature skills.

They were also slightly ruffled by Qhuv’s attacks.

Nevertheless, they had yet to be injured, whereas Qhuv was constantly injured.

After one round of combat, roughly one-tenth of the crystal in Qhuv’s body had been expended.

This one-tenth of the crystal merged completely with his physical body and Sage Energy, and his physical strength was enhanced.

His Sage Energy was also enhanced.

The more he fought, the bolder he became.

When James noticed that, despite being hit repeatedly, Qhuv’s aura was growing stronger, he could not help but be surprised.

He connected telepathically with the others and said, “We can no longer have mercy on him.

We must now use all of our strength to eliminate Qhuv as soon as possible.

Since the expended crystal is converted into his strength, the more his crystal is depleted, the stronger his strength becomes.

If we keep fighting like this, we will all experience depletion of our crystals.

This is very detrimental to our upcoming battles.” James’ voice was heard in the minds of Lucifer, Feb, Brielle, and Qusai.

After hearing James’ words, Lucifer was the first to act, using all of his power.

He entered his Super Combat Form in an instant and went straight into the Fourth Combat Form.

It was actually not his strongest.

The Fifth Combat Form was his maximum power.

However, now was not the time to display his full strength.

He withheld some of his power.

After he entered the Fourth Combat Form, the aura on Lucifer’s body was far too terrifying.

At this moment, he seemed like a devil, high and mighty, with a dreadful aura erupting from his bady.

“Howl.” Qusai no longer held back as well.

He growled before transforming into a wolf.

He was a wolf covered in snow- white fur.

His fur was all standing on end.

Once he reverted to his bestial form, Qusai’s aura was far too powerful.

His aura was that of royalty.

“A Primordial Snow Wolf?” “7 never anticipated James to have such powerful assistance at his side.

Aside from the Gorger, there is also the Primordial Snow Wolf.

Among the Ten Primordial Fiends, James has two of them by his side.” Qusai was a prince of the Fiend Realm.

His father was the Lord of the Fiend Realm, the Supreme Demon Emperor.

The Fiend Realm was one of the most powerful worlds.

They had quite a lot of Grand Emperors.

All of these powerhouses had survived since the Primordial Age because, during the Primordial Age, the Fiend Realm sealed itself off and avoided the massive battle.

Both the Celestial Ant Race and the Multicolored Flame Python were from the Fiend Realm.

Following Qusai’s transformation into his original form, Feb also transformed into her original form, a gigantic Gorger.

Brielle was not negligent either.

She utilized her most powerful ultimate move, and a green lotus appeared on her head.

James no longer hid and immediately used Sacrilegious Ascension.

He entered his strongest state.

Previously, he was concerned that after using Sacrilegious Ascension, he would enter a period of weakness.

Only now did he remember that when one was hurt, only the crystal would be consumed.

He would not be weakened.

“T-This is their most powerful state.

They want to get rid of Qhuv right away.” Many powerhouses were astonished.

The elimination battle had finally begun.


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