The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2837

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2837-James seized the opportunity and quickly struck Qhuv.

Qhuv had employed his most powerful strategies.

However, when he faced James, he was attacked until he was unable to strike back.

Even though his crystal had been used and his strength had increased significantly, there was nothing he could do while fighting James.

In this arena, scrimmages continued to erupt.

Among them, James’ battle was a trouncing.

In the subsequent fights, Qhuv kept taking hits, and his crystal was constantly drained.

In the blink of an eye, the fierce battle had lasted for an hour.

After an hour, the arena was filled with Sword Shadows.

Numerous shadows merged together and instantly formed a person.

As soon as James appeared, the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword in his hand unleashed an extremely terrifying force.

This force swept over like an energy wave, directly attacking Qhuv’s body.

Qhuv’s body was sent flying backward.

When he was sent flying, his body vanished from the arena.

At this moment, the arena changed.

The scene in front of everyone gradually faded and then reappeared in the next arena.

Ahalo also appeared in the center of the arena.

“Wha—?” “Was Ohuv eliminated?” “Is this the second level of the arena?” The surrounding living beings were all perplexed as they looked at the new arena.

Lucifer, Feb, Qusai, and the others were all engaged in fierce combat.

They had now come toa halt.

“Very good,” came a voice.

As the voice rang out, the Guardian reappeared in the arena.

As he looked at the remaining thirty-two living beings in the arena, he said with a smile, “Not bad.

I didn’t expect a living being to be eliminated in such a short period of time.

I thought it would take a very long time.” James felt utterly relieved after Qhuv was eliminated.

After such a long and intense battle, they finally eliminated one individual.

Aside from that, his crystal had barely diminished during the battle up to this point.

He did not leave his combat state and instead waited for the Guardian to speak.

He was certain the Guardian appeared because he had something to say.

Looking at the remaining thirty-two living beings, the Guardian pointed at the golden halo in the center of the arena and said, “Do you see this halo? If you enter it, you can disregard any damage.

Apart from that, your crystal will be restored.” When they heard that, many living beings were intrigued.

So, they could disregard any damage and also recover their depleted crystals? Previously, Feb, Lucifer, Qusai, Brielle, and the others had all experience a fierce battle.

In a clash between powerhouses, it was inevitable for them to get hurt and their crystals to show signs of depletion.

Although there was little depletion, there was still depletion.

They were now able to restore their crystals.

It was great news.

The Guardian continued, “Many more functions are available in the following arenas.

I wish you all the best of luck in making it to the end.” After the Guardian said that, he vanished from the sight of the numerous living beings.

Following his disappearance, James and the others quickly rushed to the center area, occupying it instantly.

The light beam at the center area was not particularly big.

It could only accommodate one person at a time.

Lucifer spoke first, “T fought with Yorick, and my crystal is slightly drained.

To prepare for the upcoming battles, I’m going to stop fighting now.

I’ll first stay in the halo and wait for the crystal to be restored.” James looked at Qusai, Feb, and Brielle, and asked, “What about you guys?” Feb said, “I actually didn’t expect the Celestial Ant to be so powerful.

I used all my strength and still could not do anything to him.

Besides, after a round of combat, my crystal has shown some wear as well.” Qusai also nodded and said, “The Multicolored Flame Python is indeed quite powerful.

We are evenly matched.

My crystal is slightly depleted as well, but not significantly so.” Brielle spoke next, “I simply stayed to the side and helped with the battle.

I didn’t suffer much harm.

My crystal is barely drained.” Upon hearing that, James felt greatly relieved.

After James and the others occupied the center area, Maveth, Matilde, and Wilvalor’s expressions were grave.

The three had huddled together and were conversing in low tones.

They wanted to take the center area.


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