The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2852

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2852-The remaining contenders in the arena were James, Feb, Qusai, Brielle, Lucifer, Maveth, Matilde, and Wilvalor.

The Guardian’s appearance attracted everyone’s attention and temporarily stopped the ongoing fights.

He stood in the middle of the arena.He wore a black robe with an oversized hood that covered his face.

The Guardian announced, “The Ancient Heavenly Court Age was a glorious era where many talented people were born.

There would have been countless Grand Emperors and Ancestral Gods in this age if not for the universe restricting them and preventing them from achieving greater heights.

“Despite the lack of Ancestral Gods in the Ancient Heavenly Court Age, many were very close to the rank.

“All these powerful figures had inherited various Supernatural Powers and Secret Arts, now hidden within the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins.However, select ones are kept within the last few levels of the arena.”

James suddenly remembered what Walganus had told him before entering the South Heaven Gate.

Walganus urged him to search for the Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts within the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins.

He had previously seen Sophie use the Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts to defeat three unrivaled powerhouses in the Demon Realm.

James could not help but ask, “Mr.Guardian, I heard that the ruler of the universe during the Ancient Heavenly Court Age, the Jade Emperor, created an unparalleled Secret Art back then.Is this Secret Art also in the arena?”

“The Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts…”

The Guardian sighed and said, “That’s the most potent Supernatural Power of the Ancient Heavenly Court Age.It’s a supreme Secret Art that the Jade Emperor created from the knowledge he had gleaned from the Heavenly Path.Unfortunately, not many could comprehend the Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts.As of now, only the Jade Emperor has completely mastered it.

“To answer your question, the Three- Thousand Cultivation Art is indeed in the arena.However, you’ll have to reach the last stage of the arena to acquire it.As for the person who’ll acquire it, that will be left to fate.”

The strong contenders present were excited after hearing the Guardian’s words.

Even if they missed out on the providence, they could still benefit greatly if they reached the last few levels of the arena.

Even a Grand Emperor would be intrigued by Supernatural Powers and Secret Arts from the Ancient Heavenly Court Age.

James asked, “Then, what’s the Supernatural Power on this level?”

The Ancient Heavenly Court Age was a glorious time when countless powerhouses were born.

However, the arenas only held a few Supernatural Powers.

This proved that the Supernatural Powers in these arenas were the strongest from the Ancient Heavenly Court Age.

The Guardian looked at James and said, “The Supernatural Power on this level is called the Thirty-Six Demonic Art.”

“The Thirty-Six Demonic Art?”

All those present in the area were astonished.

What kind of Supernatural Power was that? The Guardian explained, “It’s a set of Supernal Powers from a Marshal of the Ancient Heavenly Court Age.It’s powerful but also challenging to master.To completely master the Thirty- Six Demonic Art is a great challenge.”

Lucifer asked, “Mr.Guardian, how do we get this Thirty-six Demonic Art? Where is it located in the arena?”

The Guardian raised his head, and his wrinkled arm stretched out from his wide sleeves.He pointed up to the sky.

Everyone looked toward the sky.

At that moment, a black light appeared in the sky.

As the black light appeared, everyone in the arena leaped into the sky to snatch it after immediately recognizing it was the Thirty- Six Demonic Art.Everyone leaped and appeared before the black light almost at the same time.

After getting close to the black light, they discovered it simply was a piece of black jade with ancient words engraved on it.James and the others grabbed the black jade almost simultaneously.

However, James felt severe pain spreading to his arm after he touched the jade, and he let go.

Those that grabbed the jade were all struck by a force.



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