The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2861

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2861-James thought for a while and said, “I don’t have any objections.

Since everyone is fine with the arrangement, we’ll proceed as planned.” Qusai looked around and asked, “So, am I supposed to forfeit here?” James nodded lightly.

Qusai laughed and said, “Alright.

Since Maveth will be eliminated next, how about we fight each other? I’ll exhaust nearly all of your crystal’s energy, then you can knock me out.” This was a perfect opportunity for Maveth.

Otherwise, he would be eliminated without even getting anything.

Thus, he agreed happily.

Maveth replied, “Okay.” After that, the two began to fight and wear out each other’s crystals.

After Maveth’s crystal was left with very little energy, Qusai stopped attacking and allowed Maveth to deal the decisive blow to him.

As such, Maveth easily eliminated Qusai.

They were immediately moved to the proceeding level of the arena.

The Guardian showed himself once more.

He swept his gaze across the remaining people in the arena and flashed a pleased smile.

“I thought the fights would get more intense as time went on.

I wasn’t expecting you guys to come up with a peaceful solution, but it is indeed a good idea.” Lucifer asked, “What’s on this level?” The Guardian smiled and said, “The Supernatural Power on this level is called the Seventy-Two Heavenly Art.” Surprised, James asked, “What’s that?” “It’s a remarkable martial art skill, similar to the Thirty-Six Demonic Art.

It originates from the Primeval Age, and many powerhouses in the Ancient Heavenly Court Age used this Supernatural Power.

This technique was practiced by the renowned Ascended War God and the Three-Eyed War God from the Ancient Heavenly Court Age,” explained the Guardian.

“C-Can I really have this?” Maveth looked at James and Lucifer eagerly.

Whether or not he could obtain the Supernatural Power was left up to James and Lucifer since his crystal had very little energy remaining.

He would be eliminated with a single hit.

James looked at Feb and asked, “Are you interested in it?” Feb shook her head.

“Nope.” James said, “If that’s the case, Maveth can have Seventy-Two Heavenly Art.” Maveth was overjoyed.

The Guardian looked at everyone and left without a word.

Shortly afterward, a white light appeared in the arena.

Maveth quickly rushed toward the white light to claim its treasure.

James simply watched this silently.

All of the Supernatural Powers that have appeared so far were extraordinary, and he was also tempted to obtain them.

However, his main objective was to get the Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts.

After Maveth obtained the Supernatural Power, Lucifer casually waved his hand.

A powerful force emerged from his palm and slammed into Maveth.

His attack completely depleted Maveth’s crystal and eliminated him from the arena.

After Maveth was eliminated, the arena changed yet again, and they were sent to the next level.

When they appeared in the next arena, the Guardian came to greet them again.

He said smilingly, “That was fast.

Well, that’s good since it saves a lot of my time.

I’ll also just cut to the chase and tell you about this level’s Supernatural Power.” At that moment, only four contenders remained—James, Feb, Lucifer, and Brielle, who was inside the Celestial Abode.


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