The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2896

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2896-Saying that, Daley’s expression turned grim, and his voice turned solemn.

“The Overworld is many times more powerful than the Stardust Realm.

If they attack with full force, we stand no chance against them.

There have been many worlds in this universe that were annihilated since antiquity.

If we fail to deal with this crisis appropriately, the Stardust Realm may be destroyed.” Hearing this, an alchemist asked, “Sir, is there no way around this? Can’t we find a way to settle the feud?” Daley sighed.

“The crisis would have been resolved if it were that easy.

This is an impossible task.

All these years, I’ve tried negotiating with the Overworld.

However, since they refused to even grant me an audience, I have no other way.” The other alchemists were all wearing grim expressions.

They were all creatures of the Stardust Realm.

This was their home.

James, on the other hand, was an outsider.

As he had no feelings toward the Stardust Realm whatsoever, the fate of those living here was none of his concern.

Hence, he simply stood by the sidelines and remained silent.

Daley continued, “Now, the only available option is to join the Medicine Pavilion and seek their protection.

The Medicine Pavilion is one of the most powerful forces in the Interminable Celestial Realm.

If an alchemist of the Stardust Realm joins the Medicine Pavilion, the Overworld might be intimidated.” “We’ll do our best!” “I’ll definitely work hard.

Only I can represent the Stardust Realm to participate in the Medicine Pavilion’s examination.

I’ll do my best to pass the examination and enter the Medicine Pavilion.” One by one, the alchemists gave words of assurance.

James, meanwhile, remained silent.

“You must be fatigued since you’ve just passed through the Magic Circle.

Return to the city and rest well.

Once you’ve regained your strength, we’ll hold the alchemy test.” Daley said.

Then, he left Mount Inclining Moon alongside the thirty-one alchemists and returned to Stardust City.

As one of the most distinguished alchemists, James was well-received by his host.

He had a magnificent manor prepared for him, in which there were servants, maids, and guards who possessed immense power.

They were all at least at the Sage Rank.

James sighed.

Alchemists were simply held in high regard in this world, so much so that even Sage Rank cultivators were considered weak.

In Earth’s context, they would simply be ordinary humans.

James rested in the manor for now.

Back then when he tried passing through the Magic Circle, his Soul Power had been severely depleted.

Not only that, the Demonic Energy inside his body could not recover his Soul Power.

He needed much time to rejuvenate.

Sleeping and meditating were the best ways to recover.

After sleeping a few days in a row, James was feeling slightly better.

He got up, stretched, and headed toward the door.

As he opened the door, sunlight poured into the room and enveloped him.

The sunlight was comfortably warm.

“Master, you’re awake.” A melodious voice came.

James turned around to see a woman kneeling on the ground.

Wearing a blue dress, the woman had an ornament on her head.

As her forehead was touching the ground, James could not see her face.

Seeing that a woman was kneeling before him, James froze momentarily before asking, “What are you doing? Stand up and speak.” “Understood.” The woman stood up.

Yet, she did not dare meet James’ gaze.

As a chambermaid, she was forbidden from meeting her master’s gaze.

Before her master, she would have to kneel in reverence.

James asked, “What’s your name?”


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