The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2897

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2897-“My name is Yevpraksiya Halkyone.

The Lord of the Stardust Realm has instructed me to serve you until the end of the Alchemy Tournament.

After the tournament, you’ll be allowed to take me along on your journey if you believe my service to be satisfactory.

If you don’t wish to take me along, that’s fine too.” Yevpraksiya said softly while keeping her head low.

She yearned to be taken away by James.

Though she had reached the Sage Rank, being a Sage was nothing to be proud of in this world where Divine Rank cultivators were everywhere.

Not only was James a young and handsome alchemist, but he also possessed immense potential.

“Lift your head.” James said.

Yevpraksiya lifted her head.

James could now have a clear glimpse of her face.

Yevpraksiya was about eighteen years of age.

Her skin was smooth and fair, and her eyes were big and lively.

Though she was a Sage, James could sense that she had low self-esteem.

This feeling of inferiority must have taken quite some time to take root inside her.

James did not say anything else and turned back to the courtyard before taking a seat on a stone chair.

Yevpraksiya hurriedly rushed over to him and stood beside him while lowering her head.

James asked, “By the way, when will the alchemy test be held?” James had been sleeping ever since he arrived here.

As such, he knew nothing about what was going on outside.

Yevpraksiya lowered her head and said, “l-l don’t know… Lord Daley only instructed me to take care of you.

Once your Soul Power recovers, we’ll wait for further instructions.” James looked at her and asked, “You’re a cultivator at the Sage Rank.

Why are you content being a servant? Why are you content being ordered around?” Yevpraksiya looked at him puzzledly.

She had no idea why James asked such a question and did not know what she should say.

‘Can’t a Sage be a servant?’ James said, “After crossing into the Sage Rank, you should possess unbelievable power.

Why don’t you travel around the world and live a carefree life?” Yevpraksiya was confounded.

James was like a billionaire asking a farmer why he insisted on irrigating the crops and living such a busy life when he could be free.

Though the circumstances may vary, they were rather similar.

The Stardust Realm was one of the many worlds in the Interminable Celestial Realm.

There was no peace or harmony to be found here.

Many beasts and other races would invade the Stardust Realm every now and then.

Should the average Sage not seek the protection of more powerful figures, they would not be able to survive.

Besides, after receiving the protection of powerful figures, they would be able to gain an incredible amount of resources.

Such was the natural order of this world.

The weak would be enslaved and ordered around by the strong.

In essence, the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.

As James came from Earth and lacked interaction with the cultivation world, he was clueless about these rules.

However, he did not inquire further.

“Are you tired, Master? Do you need me to massage your shoulders?” Seeing that James fell silent, Yevpraksiya summoned the courage and asked.


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