The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2914

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2914-James had never experienced intergalactic travel.

Back when he traveled to the Demon Realm from Earth, it was Yaraka Xenmour who opened the illusory passageway.

As such, he had no idea that he needed a Saucer to travel through space.

Now that he knew about this, he planned to acquire a Saucer for himself.

Though he could simply return to the Stardust Realm and ask Daley for one, he decided against it.

He had ample time and wanted to seize the opportunity to train.

Finding ways to obtain a Saucer was considered a form of training.

After hearing that the Heavenly River Realm was the closest world to the Stardust Realm, James planned to head there.He began flying at full speed through space alongside Yevpraksiya.

Though his rank was low, his speed was fast.

As such, he became increasingly annoyed at Yevpraksiya’s slow speed.

After some time, he simply used Sage Energy to propel Yevpraksiya forward.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed.

Three months later, a huge world appeared before James’ eyes.

Yevpraksiya pointed at the world before them and said, “That’s the Heavenly River Realm, the closest world to the Stardust Realm.Its overall strength is similar to the Stardust Realm.”

“Mhm, let’s get going.” James nodded.

Then, he began flying straight ahead.

Upon entering the Heavenly River Realm, the mountains and rivers of the world appeared in James and Yevpraksiya’s view.

The two landed in the middle of a mountain range.

“Where are we?”

James scanned his surroundings and asked.

Yevpraksiya shook her head.

She had never been to the Heavenly River Realm, so she knew nothing about it.

James casually confirmed his direction and pointed straight ahead, saying, “Since we have no idea where we are, let’s head in that direction.We should find a city for now and take a rest before thinking of ways to acquire a Saucer.”


Since Yevpraksiya was James’ servant, she had no right to voice her thoughts.She would simply obey James’ every command.

The two pressed ahead.

A few days later, they were out of the mountain range.

Immediately, a city appeared in their view.

As they walked along the ancient passage outside the city, they soon arrived at the city gates.

It was considered a bustling city.

Its walls were thousands of meters tall, on which there were many patrolling soldiers.

The city gates were flooded with people, and their clamor drowned out all surrounding noises.

James looked at the city gates, on which a few words were engraved, ‘Heavenly Secrets’.

Ever Since James learned the Elysian Inscription, he could recognize any characters there were.

So, he could tell that the words ‘Heavenly Secrets’ were engraved on the city gates.

He said, “Heavenly Secrets City should be pretty big.

I think there should be Saucers inside.”

Yevpraksiya nodded and said, “Saucers are common in the Boundless Realm.

Even the weakest worlds have already mastered the technological know-how to manufacture Saucers.

Together with a few alchemists, Saucers can be easily made.

“Still, they don’t come cheap.Even a powerful figure at the Divine Rank can only purchase a Saucer with his entire life savings.”

Hearing this, James was stunned as he asked, “Seriously?”

James knew just how powerful Divine Rank cultivators were.

Under normal circumstances, one needed a long time to cross into the Divine Rank.

During this long period of time, the accumulated wealth of these individuals would no.velebook be unbelievable.

Now, here was Yevpraksiya saying that even a Divine Rank cultivator needed to spend his life savings to get a Saucer.

Yevpraksiya said with a smile, “That’s how it is, I guess.

But since you have even an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace, you must be extremely wealthy.”

To her, James was a descendant of some mysterious and powerful forces.

Thus, he should be loaded.

Hearing this, James blushed.



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