The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2915

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2915-James certainly did not consider himself to be wealthy. Though he had many priceless treasures in his possession, he had nothing else besides them.

“Let’s head inside for now.”

James strode forward.

Upon entering the city, Yevpraksiya said, “Master, why don’t we look around for Saucers?”

James said, “Stop calling me that. Just address me as Mr. Caden from now on.” “Understood, Mr. Caden,” Yevpraksiya said sweetly.

“Mr. Caden, let’s look around for Saucers.”

Hearing this, James decided to go look around for Saucers so that he could have a rough idea of how Saucers in the Heavenly River Realm were sold.

After strolling through the streets for a while, they came across a Saucer shop. Upon entering the shop, they could see two rows of extremely beautiful women by the door.

“Welcome to the Heavenly River Saucer Emporium!” their voices rang in unison.

Next, a glamorous woman walked toward them and bowed slightly, revealing her busty chest as she greeted them respectfully, “Sir, please follow me.”

The woman beckoned.

James entered the shop.

The store was huge. Even the first floor was at least ten thousand square meters. Inside the shop, there were all sorts of Saucers being displayed.

James casually walked toward a Saucer. The Saucer was white and reassembled a house.

“You have good taste, Sir.”

The woman immediately introduced the Saucer, ‘This Saucer is a Celestial Tool at the Thirthy-third Grade and is specially made by a top-notch refiner of the Heavenly River Realm. It almost became a Divine Tool. Besides, the price is rather reasonable. Only three hundred and eighty billion upper-tier Sage Stones.”

James turned to look at the salesperson and asked, “Can I use this Saucer for intergalactic travel? How long do I need to travel to the Holy Realm?” ‘The Holy Realm? About ten thousand years, I suppose.” “That long?” James froze. He only had three thousand years to spare. In three thousand years, he would have to reach the Holy Realm.

“Is there a Saucer that allows me to reach the Holy Realm in hundreds of years?” James asked.

Hearing this, the salesperson was invigorated. She knew that James was a loaded customer.

“Sir, you need a Saucer at the Divine Rank or above to reach the Holy Realm in a few hundred years. The Saucers in the first floor’s foyer are all Celestial Tools. Please follow me to the second floor.”

She beckoned.

James followed her to the second floor.

There were many Saucers on the second floor as well. Though their shapes were bizarre, they were glimmering light. At a glance, James immediately knew they were good stuff.

The salesperson brought James to a golden Saucer and said, ‘This is an upper-tier Divine Tool with a price of eight hundred billion Sage Stones. You only need three hundred years to travel to the Holy Realm using this Saucer. Besides, this Saucer has an extremely low consumption level. It only needs the energy of approximately ten billion Sage Stones to arrive at your destination.”

Hearing the price, James almost staggered backward. He had a certain understanding of the currency in the cultivation world. Back when the Spiritual Energy of Earth was reawakened, spiritual crystals became the currency. Further up were Sage Stones, which were followed by Holy Stones. In any case, he did not have any crystals or stones on him at the moment. He had to think of a way to acquire Holy Stones.


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