The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2923

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2923-If she could be married to such a decent man, she would consider herself to be extremely fortunate. However, such thoughts were merely wishful thinking. She knew that she was not worthy of James, and the only ones who were worthy of him were the daughters of the major sects and prestigious families.

“Yes, let’s get going.”

James grabbed Yevpraksiya’s hand and left the Celestial Abode. Then, they headed to the Elixir Pavilion in Heavenly Secrets City.

During the past few days when James was away, Yuina used the influence of the Elixir Pavilion in the Boundless Realm to inquire about everything related to James. As the Heavenly River Realm was not too far away from the Stardust Realm, Yuina was able to easily track James’ movements and learn of his participation in the Alchemy Tournament in the Stardust Realm with the intelligence network she has. Upon learning that the elixirs James sold were concocted by him, Yuina was stunned.

“An Imperial Weapon… An Emperor Rank alchemy furnace… Who exactly is he?”

Yuina sat in her office and contemplated.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

A knock came on her door.

Yuina collected herself and said, “Come in.”

The door opened, and a chambermaid walked in, saying respectfully, “My Lady, Mr. Caden is here.”

Hearing this, Yuina was immediately invigorated. She stood up excitedly and asked, “Really? Where is he? Invite him in.” “I’m here,” came a voice from outside. Then, James walked in and simply sat on the chair. Seeing that there was a cup of colorful tea on the table that exuded an alluring fragrance, he knew it was good stuff. Without any hesitation, he grabbed the cup of tea and swallowed the contents in a single gulp. Immediately, he felt a surge of power throughout his body.

“This is quite a good tea.”

Yuina glanced at him and could not help but frown slightly. She had just taken a sip of the tea. However, she remained silent. Smiling at James, she asked, “Mr. Caden, you must be here with the elixirs, I assume?” “Mhm.” James nodded and took out the elixirs he concocted. Handing them over to Yuina, he said, “Please appraise them and calculate the price for me.”

Yuina accepted the bottle and scrutinized the elixirs. These priceless elixirs were at the Divine Rank’s First Grade and possessed an Elixir Inscription.

She calculated the price. Then, she said, ‘They should at least be around 5 trillion Holy Stones. How does that sound?”

Yuina smiled at James.

This price was what James had in mind.


James did not say anything else.

“I’ll order my men to prepare the Holy Stones.” Yuina turned to leave. After giving her orders, she turned back and sat opposite James, asking smilingly, “Are you perhaps going to the Holy Realm?” “How do you know?”

James glanced at her and asked, “Did you investigate me?”

Yuina smiled faintly and said, “Not exactly an investigation. Surely the Elixir Pavilion must look into your details before conducting business with you.”

James said nothing. Since he was not from the Boundless Realm, the Elixir Pavilion could never find out anything about his past.

Yuina asked smilingly, “Are you participating in the discipleship examination of the Elixir Pavilion?” “Is something the matter?” James asked.

“No, of course not.” Yuina smiled and said, “With your alchemy skills, you should be able to join the Elixir Pavilion easily. You might even become a Sect Elder.”

Yuina was speaking the truth. Since James possessed an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace, he would be able to become a Sect Elder of the Pavilion despite his insignificant rank and elementary alchemy skills.


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