The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2927

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2927-Instead of being destroyed, the big tree wilted at a speed so rapid that it turned into a dead plant in a split second.

“If I could take its life, then I must also be able to regenerate it,” James mumbled within his heart.

However, he knew too little about the Reincarnation Art, lest the Curse Inscription. Although he desired to revitalize this wilted tree, the act was simply beyond his capacity. However, he felt that everything would be possible as long as he cultivated the Curse Magic to its maximum potential. The curse encompassed all. Everything was possible as soon as it was cultivated completely.

“My cultivation rank is too low. I must at least attain the Divine Rank to be able to truly comprehend these powerful signature Supernatural Powers,” he said to himself.

The Supernatural Power as well as the treasure in his possession were innumerable, the Infinite Stele, the Five Elements of Genesis, Elemental Inversion, the swordsmanship of the Ancestral Sword Master, the Curse Magic, etc. Yet, one could only tap into their fullest potential by understanding them, which could only be done by attaining the Divine Rank.

Thinking about this, James felt a desire burgeoning within him; a desire to cultivate, a desire to become stronger. Clenching his fists, his expression was full of determination.

“The Divine Rank… I must get there as soon as possible. It is only there that I can understand and cultivate the true Supernatural Power, it is only as such that I can stand on the apex of the world’s pyramid and truly lead humanity towards glory in the Apocalypse Age.”

He took a deep breath. Then, he slowly stood up.

The Spirit Tool was watching him from afar. Seeing that James stood up, the Spirit Tool walked towards him. As he glanced at James, he could no longer hold back his question, “It seems that your absorption of the curse’s power of four hundred thousand soldiers’ has been fruitful.” “Indeed.” James nodded gently and continued saying, “Having absorbed the curse’s power of forty hundred thousand soldiers on top of the curse that was already present in my body, the total power within me is now frighteningly strong. All these years, I have been using the Jade Seal to suppress the strength of the curse. Under the suppression of the Jade Seal, the curse’s power within me has slowly formed some enigmatic shapes and words inside my body. I realized that when I summoned Curse Magic, these mystical shapes and words would produce strong energy, bringing the Curse Magic’s strength to the next level.”

As he spoke, he looked at the Spirit Tool and asked, “Spirit Tool, please tell me the reason.”

The Spirit Tool shook his head slightly and said, “This is something beyond my knowledge. The Curse Magic was one of the strongest of the Supernatural Powers during the Primeval Age. But during the Primordial Age, the Curse Magic cultivated by the powerful figures of the Demon Realm was only mere remnants. How all of this came to be, is unfortunately out of my reach.”

The Spirit Tool’s inability to explain Curse Magic adequately was enough to gauge how frightening its power could be. James knew better than to ask further. He fully understood that his cultivation rank was too low to comprehend all of this. He must become stronger to comprehend and solve these mysteries.

“Oh right, how much time did I use this time to suppress the power of the curse?” James asked.

The Spirit Tool answered, “Not too long. From when you first absorbed the power until now, merely a hundred and five years have passed.”

James was shocked. He thought only a few months have passed rather than a hundred and five

Years. Now that a century has passed, one could not help but wonder where exactly had the Saucer flown to and how far it was away from the Holy Realm.

“Thank you for letting me know, Spirit Tool. I’ll be heading out for a bit.”

With his fists held and a subsequent flash, he disappeared from the Celestial Abode into the Saucer.


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