The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2931

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2931-James nodded, looked at Yevpraksiya, and asked, “How much time did I spend in closed-door meditation this time?”

James was cultivating in the Time Chamber. His rank had continual breakthroughs. He knew he had been in the Time Chamber for a very long time, but he had no idea how many years had passed in the outside world.

Yevpraksiya said, “Not many. Only fifty years.” “Fifty years?” James muttered.

He assumed a lot of time had passed. Never did he imagine that it had only been fifty years.

After cultivating for a long time, he was also a little bored. He asked, Where are we? Are there any larger worlds around here? Let’s take a short break.”

Yevpraksiya promptly opened the interstellar navigation system and took a look.

“Sir, the Eidolon Realm is just up ahead.” “The Eidolon Realm?”

James looked puzzled. He knew nothing about the Boundless Realm, so he had no idea what kind of world the Eidolon Realm was.

Yevpraksiya explained, “The Eidolon Realm is one of the top major worlds in the Boundless Realm. It’s second only to the Holy Realm. Moreover, Xainte, whom I previously mentioned to you, is a human of the Eidolon Realm.

“In the Eidolon Realm, there is an extremely powerful sect. Its name is the Paragon Sect.

“Xainte is from the Paragon Sect, and she’s already the Sect Elder. She wields considerable power and status.”

When he heard these, James said, “Then let’s go visit the Eidolon Realm.”

As she heard that, Yevpraksiya laughed. “Sir, Xainte is a stunning beauty.

Not only is she a distinguished prodigy, but she’s also an extremely attractive woman. She is known as the Boundless Realm’s Sweetheart.” “Really?”

James smiled faintly. He had little interest in beautiful women. He was only curious about Xainte as a person.

He was also curious to see what kind of person could become a QuasiEmperor in only thirty thousand years.

He was a cultivator as well. Despite the fact that the time between his birth and the present was short, he had the Time Chamber. He frequently accelerated his cultivation there. Furthermore, he once went through thirty thousand years of tribulation.

According to the calculations, he had been cultivating for tens of thousands of years as well.

However, he was currently only at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage. He did not even enter the Divine Rank yet, let alone the Quasi-Emperor Rank. So, he came to be interested in Xainte.

“How long will it take to travel to the Eidolon Realm?”

Yevpraksiya opened the interstellar navigation system. In the navigation system, a major planet appeared.

Yevpraksiya pointed at this planet and said, “This is the Eidolon Realm. Based on the speed at which the flying saucer is moving forward, we should arrive in the Eidolon Realm in about a year.” “A year is not very long.”

James felt relieved. A year was not a particularly long period of time. It would be over very soon.

After that, James did not head to the Celestial Abode. He remained in the Saucer.

In the blink of an eye, a year had passed.

“Sir, we’ll enter the Eidolon Realm soon.”

Yevpraksiya was quite excited because it was her first long journey, her first time heading to a large world like the Eidolon Realm.

Xainte was also her idol. If she could see Xainte in person when they were at the Eidolon Realm this time, it would also be a worthwhile trip.

“Speed up,” James instructed.

During this time, he was bored out of his mind. Such days were too lackluster. He also wanted to visit the Eidolon Realm.


Yevpraksiya controlled the Saucer to advance at full speed. They soon passed through the atmosphere of the Eidolon Realm.

Majestic mountains and rivers gradually came into view.

After traversing the vast galaxy for so long, when he saw these landscapes, James could not help but be excited as well.


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